occasional no start

Car was making loud squeal, tightening of the wheel while driving during occasional turns with the occasional no start in the morning. No noise, no lights. Not cranking at all. Dead. Boost fixed. Took to a mechanic and it was determined to be a bad belt and seizing tensioner. Alt wasn't charging, and putting pressure on power steering. Had these replaced. No more squeal, no more tight wheel. Still having a no start issue. It appears like the car is dead, turn the key over and no noise under the hood, no lights on at all. Nothing. Boost works fine. It's not often but more often than I l

– occasional no start

Making a clicking noise

My car has been making a clicking noise when I start driving or stopping its on the left front end area..I was wondering if its possible for you to come check it out I live in Roseville and how much would it cost to do so? I'd totally appreciate it greatly I have to drive back and forth to work and drop off and pick up my son from school daily..

– Making a clicking noise