Will the working motor from my 2004 Saturn Ion 2 L fit the transmission in my 2003 Saturn Ion 2 L

I have a 2003 Saturn ion 2.2 L with a blown engine it has a manual transmission. I have a 2004 Saturn Ion 2.2 L with a good motor currently with an automatic transmission. If I pulled a good engine out of the 2004 will it fit onto the manual transmission in the 2003? Are there any special circumstances that I may have to anticipate?

My car has 107000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

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Hi there. We get this type of question quite a bit. In most cases, the engines themselves will fit just fine and will be compatible with the transmission. However, the issues that always occur is linking with the ECU, fuel systems and ignition system problems. Since we don’t offer this service, your best bet is to contact a local engine swap specialist to consult with them about how to resolve common compatibility issues.

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The 2003 and 2004 IONs were available with the VTi continuously variable transmission.
The 2003 and 2004 Ion Coupes were available with the VTi continuously variable transmission or a Getrag F23 5-speed manual. For 2004, Saturn also re-calibrated the electric power steering, as well as upgraded interior materials, and offered new sound systems.
Some other things to look out for are that some cars have CVT written on the transmission dipstick. Others even have a CVT badge on the car. Often, there will be no 3,2,1 on the gearshift gate, with only P, N and D. If buying from a dealer, ask the question and they are obliged to tell you.
A Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) does not use gears like a typical transmission. Rather, it uses 2 pulleys attached by a belt. It`s a bit like a snowmobile transmission: One pulley connects to the engine, the other pulley to the transmission. The belt moves the power between them.
Unlike a traditional automatic (or manual transmission, for that matter), a CVT does not have a fixed number of preset gears. Instead, it uses an unlimited number of gear ratios to accommodate the driving style and conditions at any given moment.
Depending on the vehicle and the driver, a CVT can provide a smoother driving experience when comparing it to a traditional automatic. According to Carfax, one of the most significant advantages to having a CVT is that they are often more fuel-efficient than a regular automatic.
The EGR valve is located in the engine compartment (underneath the hood).
Common reasons for this to happen:

Loose connections at the positive and negative battery terminals. Very dirty or clogged air filters can also cause your engine to underperform. Loose timing belts are another likely cause. A mechanic will check these and replace them if they appear loose and worn.

Take care of your Saturn Ion and it`ll take care of you. If you put in the effort to keep up with proper maintenance, you could hit 200,000 miles (or beyond!) in your Ion.
When you accelerate your vehicle, you should experience a smooth, seamless, and constant acceleration for your car. If the transmission or acceleration slips and you lose power during driving, is a symptom of a bad or faulty CVT transmission.
chain,for all 3 engine sizes!
Among the 2.5 million cars that General Motors is recalling due to defective ignition switches are thousands of Saturn Ions produced from 2003-2007. The ignition switch in these Saturn Ion models lacks enough torque to keep the key in the “on” position if the driver accidentally bumps it with his or her knee.
With CVT the engine output is transferred via the torque converter. The torque converter is configured with an ATF and along with working like a clutch, is an important vehicle part for increasing torque and transferring powerful kinetic force when moving off.
The only things that`s make the different for CVT fluid is that the fluid has to produce more fiction rather than less fiction. It is because it`d running on pulley system running by belts, it has to be lubricant cation with more fiction to keep the belt from slipping on the pulley system.
What is a CVT like in the city? A CVT transmission is possibly the best to drive in the city. Because it has an infinite amount of gear ratios, the TCU of a CVT keeps the engine in its sweet spot making this transmission one of the most efficient. With that, as there are no physical gears to change, these are smooth.
Indeed, some owners who keep to the factory-specified service intervals, use the recommended lubricant(s) and avoid abusive driving habits can get up to 200,000 trouble-free miles with a CVT.
Among all the types of transmissions, DCT is the most efficient as it doesn`t let fuel go to waste during shift in transmissions. CVT, on the other hand, doesn`t lag far behind and is also fairly efficient. The continuous running of the belt among the pulleys doesn`t interrupt power flow to the wheels.
Smooth Rides over Long Distance

The belt mechanism of the CVT transmission which drives the pulley or rotor/disc in a CVT unit makes the necessary gear shifts as per the power input and vehicle s momentum.

The Saturn Corporation, also known as Saturn LLC, was an American automobile manufacturer, a registered trademark established on January 7, 1985, as a subsidiary of General Motors.
In 1985, GM incorporated its Saturn company and purchased land in Spring Hill, Tenn., to build a manufacturing plant. Construction began in 1986, representing a $1.9 billion investment by GM. By 1988, the plant was completed, the first workers hired and by the following year, the first dealers were appointed.
Saturn was an automobile manufacturer and a registered trademark under General Motors. It was established in 1985 and was later bought by General Motors. Since its inception, Saturn has produced a number of unique vehicles which competed against Japanese automakers such as Toyota for the compact car market in the US.
A loose or disconnected air hose or vacuum hose can cause quite a bit of violent shaking and vibration in your car`s engine. To correct the problem, simply look for any loose or disconnected hoses and reattach them and replace them as needed.
If you begin to feel persistent shaking in your car, it`s best that you get to the problem right away before continuing to drive. Continuing to drive with the shaking can result in further damaging parts, ruining your tires, and other costly problems that could be avoided by a quick trip to your mechanic.
Installing new spark plugs is the best way to resolve such vibration related issues. The timing belt ensures the accurate functioning of many critical components of the engine. Any issues with the timing belt can cause your car`s engine to vibrate.

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Will the working motor from my 2004 Saturn Ion 2 L fit the transmission in my 2003 Saturn Ion 2 L
ANSWER : Hi there. We get this type of question quite a bit. In most cases, the engines themselves will fit just fine and will be compatible with the transmission. However, the issues that always occur is linking with the ECU, fuel systems and ignition system problems. Since we don’t offer this service, your best bet is to contact a local engine swap specialist to consult with them about how to resolve common compatibility issues.

I need to know if the transmission and motor mounts would work if I switch a 2.2L with a 4.3L.
ANSWER : Hi there. The motor mounts themselves will not work, but you will be able to fit the 4.3 in the vehicle easily if you use the mounts for the 4.3. Also, the transmission will work the same. One thing that will not work is the electronics. You will need the computers and the wiring for the 4.3 for it to work in your truck. It will also require some programming. Once that is done it should work just fine.

An inconsistent starter motor that occasionally works perfectly now will not work. Then engine will not crank at all.
ANSWER : Hi there. It is possible for the starter to fail. But before replacing the starter, make sure that the battery cables are tight and clean. Then check the starter relay and make sure that the relay is clicking. If the relay is not clicking, then check for power to the relay. If there is power to the relay but there is no click, then the starter relay would need to be replaced. If there is no power to the relay, then either the wiring from the relay to the ignition switch has a break in it or the ignition switch is failing. If there is power to the relay and power to the starter motor, then the starter motor needs replaced. If you need further assistance with your no start issue, then seek out a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, to help you.

I have a 2003 Saturn L200 2.2L Manual Drive and the heater or AC will not work no air blowing.
ANSWER : Hi there. From the description you have provided, it would appear, you have covered the bases concerning your vehicle’s inoperative blower motor. However, I am lead to believe the problem is still, no power supplied to the blower motor connector. It could be an ignition switch problem. It could be a faulty blower motor relay. I recommend having your vehicle’s inoperative blower motor be diagnosed and repaired by a certified technician from YourMechanic.

gear not working on D , L , 1, 2. Reverse is working ok
ANSWER : Transmission concerns can be tricky to determine. In your case, you could have a problem with the shifter valve body located within the transmission. It controls the flow of fluid to engage or disengage the different clutches that allow for gear changes. It’s also possible that you are low on transmission fluid. I would check that first. To have the fault diagnosed properly, I recommend having a certified technician, like one from YourMechanic, inspect the shifting problem in person in order to pinpoint the cause.

Transmission quits working completely until I turn it off, then restart it, and then it works briefly, quits again.
ANSWER : if the engine speed is increasing and the vehicle does not move, the transmission is slipping. The first thing to do would be to let the engine idle and warm up to operating temperature and then check the transmission fluid level while the engine is running and the gear selector is in park. If the fluid is at the proper level and the transmission is malfunctioning there may be an internal failure. If the fluid level is too low from a leak, this may cause the transmission to slip as well. Consider hring an experienced technician like one from YourMechanic who can come out for a closer look and offer a more personal diagnosis of your transmission concerns.

2003 lincoln navigator motor 5.4 does fit in a 2003 ford expedition 4.6?
ANSWER : The hardware and software of the computer (powertrain control module) and transmission control module (TCM) in the Expedition will only work with your present 4.6 L engine. If you change the stock engine to one that is not a catalog interchange for the car (the Lincoln 5.4 L engine does not interchange and is not even the same engine as the optional 5.4 L that was offered as an option on the Expedition) you will have to carry over the "new" engine’s computer, TCM and complete vehicle wiring harness in order to get the new engine to even start, let alone run. Adding to the complexity, if you install a larger engine, that typically increases the weight in the front of the vehicle which means that you will have to re-design the suspension of the vehicle. Unfortunately, with modern cars, there is no practical possibility for using non interchange engines unless your intent is to completely re-design the vehicle. If your engine has failed, and thus you simply need a replacement used engine, please note that you will easily find many direct drop in interchanges using on-line used parts databases such as Car-Part.com. Finally, if you are interested in an engine replacement (OEM to OEM), YourMechanic professionals in certain locales can assist with that. Please simply inquire based on your locale. If you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to re-contact YourMechanic.

I’m removing the motor but the input shaft is still in the motor instead of staying in the transmission what do I do?
ANSWER : Hi there. The input shaft is stuck in the pilot bearing on the engine or the back of the crankshaft. If the input shaft came completely off, then you will have to use a slide hammer to remove the input shaft from the engine and then reinstall it into the transmission. If the input shaft is attached to the transmission but the transmission will not come off the engine, then you will have to remove the bolts to the clutch with the transmission mounted and then the engine could be removed. This would be that the input shaft would be stuck in the clutch. You may have to use a torch to heat up the input shaft to remove the clutch from it. If you need further assistance with your transmission input shaft being stuck in the back of the engine, then seek out a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, to help you.