How do I set the cruise control?

How do I set the cruise control?
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When you’re cruising down the highway, you may want to give your foot a rest while driving. Cruise control keeps your vehicle at a constant speed as you travel. This setting is adjusted by a small lever on the right side of the steering column.

Locate the On-Off button, which is situated on the end of the lever. Press it to activate the cruise control operation.
Notice the cruise control indicator light on the dashboard. Press the button a second time to deactivate it.
Reach the desired speed in your car and push the lever down to set cruise control to that


Notice the Set indicator, which indicates you have set the desired speed.

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To activate the system, press the “ON/OFF” button at the end of the stalk on the lower end of the right side of the steering wheel. The radar-ready indicator will appear in the Multi Information Display. Accelerate or decelerate to your intended speed, then press the stalk down to set it.
A Blown Fuse

If your cruise control system is electronically controlled, it will have an associated fuse. If there`s an electrical problem, the fuse will fail in order to keep other wiring from getting damaged. Try replacing the fuse. If it solves the problem and the cruise control keeps working, that`s great!

Switch on cruise control: Once you reach your desired speed (making sure it`s within the speed limit), turn on the cruise control system. In most vehicles, the buttons that control it appear on or behind the steering wheel, and a light will appear on your dashboard once it`s turned on.
Typically, the cruise control buttons can be found on the right-hand side of the steering wheel. Depending on the car, the location of the controls can vary, but the functionality of the cruise control will usually be similar across the board.
A quick way to diagnose this is to try holding the brake pedal up with the top of your left foot at the same time as you are engaging the cruise control while on a test drive. If the cruise control tries to set, then the brake switch will most likely need to be adjusted. Adjustment of the brake switch is very common.
Typically, the cruise control buttons can be found on the right-hand side of the steering wheel. Depending on the car, the location of the controls can vary, but the functionality of the cruise control will usually be similar across the board.

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PO341 code – cruise control kicks off, engine light and vsa lights go on.
ANSWER : There could be an issue with the cruise control switch and the brake switch. The VSA light refers to the brake system and the light maybe coming on for the brake switch not functioning properly causing the cruise control switch to disengage. The code P0341 refers to the camshaft position sensor, which could be coming on for the sensor malfunctioning. If the camshaft position sensor is not reading properly, then the cruise control will disengage as the engine is not in time correctly. If you need further assistance with your cruise control disengaging on its own, then seek out a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, to help you.

Adding cruise control on a factory non equipped car.
ANSWER : The unfortunate truth is the dealer is correct. What you are doing is in theory feasible but not common at all. I haven’t run across anyone who has done what you are doing and I have often wondered how such an endeavor might work. My point here is, I am not surprised the dealer isn’t sure because it’s likely they have never done this themselves. The dealer doesn’t set up the PCM (Powertrain Control Module) in the cars they sell. The manufacturer does and guessing what happened when a car is being built is not common knowledge.

Anytime you modify any car, there are always details such as this that you will possibly have to address. When you choose to modify a car, you are now the engineer. The simple answer is that I can’t tell you with certainty whether or not the PCM in your car has cruise control capability. The only way to find out is to allow the dealer to check in out. Independent shops might possibly be able to, but the equipment they have is aftermarket and not produced by Mazda. The electronic equipment the dealer has is. The dealer equipment will most likely be able to do what you need.

Having intermittent problems with cruise control on my car
ANSWER : Hello. This can be caused by a number of different issues. Most of the time this is caused by a bad brake switch. If the switch is shorting out, then it will cause the computer to think that the brakes are being applied, which turns off the cruise control. If the switch is fine, then it may have a bad speed sensor or the cruise control switch itself is bad.

One of the easiest tests I do is simply have someone drive behind me and see if the brake lights are coming on without touching the pedal. If it is, then you should replace the switch. If not, then further testing of the circuit has to be done. If you need to have this done, consider YourMechanic, as a certified mechanic can come to your home or office to diagnose your cruise control problem.

My 2001 Honda Civic 5speed cruise control light comes on then goes off and my cruise first work
ANSWER : The cruise control does a self check when you start it and it will shut itself off if it sees anything wrong. One simple problem that can keep it from working is the brake lights. Get a friend to help you check your brake lights, simply having a bulb out can keep the cruise control from functioning. If you don’t find the problem there and you need help with this you can contact Your Mechanic. They can send a technician to your home or office to check out your Honda cruise system and let you know what it is going to take to fix it.

What does the cruise control set indicator mean?
ANSWER : The cruise control set indicator is located on your instrument panel. This light illuminates when your cruise control is set and currently active.

cruise control stopped working
ANSWER : I just reviewed your cruise control system and it shows you have two switches that deactivate the cruise control. The one on the master brake cylinder and the other on the brake lever above the brake pedal. The vehicle may or may not have the one on the master cylinder but all have the one on the brake pedal lever. You will need to check the connector to the one on the brake lever to make sure no wires are broken. To replace the switch, you will need to disconnect the connector and remove the security clip that holds it on and remove and install the new switch. If you need assistance with this, a technician from YourMechanic can come to your home or office to perform a cruise control switch replacement.

How do I set the cruise control?
ANSWER : When the cruise control is turned on, it’s easy to set the speed. Simply accelerate to the desired speed, then press the Coast/Set button. A Set indicator light will illuminate on the instrument panel to confirm this action.
If you need to pass a car, you can use the throttle to accelerate. When you release the gas pedal, the car will return to the cruise control speed.

How do I adjust the speed setting when on cruise control?
ANSWER : Once you set your cruise control, you can adjust the speed faster or slower without turning off and re-setting it.

Locate the lever to activate cruise control, which is located on the right side of the steering column.
Push the lever up to increase the speed.
Push the lever down to decrease the speed.


Pushing up or down on the lever for just a few seconds changes the speed by one mph. Holding the lever up or down makes larger adjustments to the speed setting.