Windshield wipers won’t work.

When I try to turn them on there is a creaking sound under the dash on the passenger side, is it electrical that would cause that, I have gotten under there and what seems to be making the creaking sound is a plastic box with wires connected to it.

My car has 130000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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The windshield wipers on this truck are controlled by the wiper switch with control module in the dash. The wiper module is making the noise you hear. You should first disconnect the wiper motor and see if noise goes away or the module is still noisey. The control switch is the most common cause of the wipers to stop working. This problem will need additional pinpoint diagnosis to verify failed part since all three components are common cause of failures and pinpoint test will isolate the failed part.

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There are a number of reasons why windscreen wipers stop working and these include: torn wipers, broken controls, a blown fuse, faults with the motor, damaged arms, snow or ice covering, loose pivot nuts and a break in the wires. Torn wipers – wiper blades are comprised of plastic with rubber attachments.
Ford has issued a recall for 222,454 F-150 pickup trucks. The automaker says that the affected vehicles could have windshield wiper arms that may break, which could become a safety hazard. The recall affects certain 2021 F-150 pickups produced from January 8, 2020, to August 16, 2021.
If your wiper motor runs but the wipers don`t move it`s most likely a mechanical problem, so you should start by examining the wiper assembly. This might be a disconnected wiper motor link arm, a jammed transmission, or locked gear.
The wiper relay is unique in that it`s found inside the wiper control handle which often has selector switches giving drivers multiple settings for their windshields. Over a period of time, this relay can be damaged – which will impact the operation of the windshield wiper system and in some cases, render it useless.
The intermittent DC relay is used for controlling the windshield wiper`s operation.
There`s an electric motor solely dedicated to powering your windshield wipers. As an electrical appliance, this motor can short out which will cause your wipers to not move at all. The fuse in your motor can also blow which will cause the same outcome.
Common signs include the wiper blades only working on one speed or a different speed than you selected, not working at all, and making humming noises.

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Windshield wipers stopped working. They’ll suddenly stop working then suddenly start working again. Has been happening for a week.
ANSWER : The problem you are describing likely stems from an intermittent electrical fault in the wiper circuit. The windshield wiper system uses a small electric motor to move the wiper arms that you see on the windshield. That electric motor is controlled through a switch, relay, fuse, and wiring. One, or more, of those electrical components has failed although it is also possible that the mechanical arms are binding (seized, if the lubricant has dried out) thus causing the electric circuit to the motor to overload. Regardless of the underlying fault, if you request a non functioning wiper diagnostic/repair, the responding certified mechanic will get this taken care of for you. If you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to re-contact YourMechanic as we are always here to help you.

Front windshield wipers do not work–washers still work, fuse is good 2010 Dodge Nitro
ANSWER : Hi – the sudden nature of this failure would suggest a fuse or other electrical link, but you have checked the obvious. Further diagnosis is needed to determine which component in the electrical power chain has failed – switch, electrical wiring, or the wiper motor itself. I would suggest an electrical component failure by a mobile, professional mechanic, such as one from YourMechanic, who will come to your location, diagnose this problem, give you an accurate assessment of damage and cost estimate for repairs.

My dash board don’t work my front light work when I change my light into high beam and my back window won’t go down
ANSWER : As unfortunate as it is, your vehicle would be considered flood damaged. Diagnosing electrical problems in a flood damaged vehicle is nearly impossible. This would take many hours or even days to determine which wiring harnesses and circuits have been affected. Then nearly all of the wiring under the dash would likely require replacement as well as many sensors and switches. On a BMW vehicle, the amount of wires and switches are likely more than that of a lower end vehicle. Due to the inefficiency in cost, you would likely be able to purchase another BMW like yours for less than what it would cost to fix your car. Many insurance companies would consider this type of damage to total out the vehicle unfortuantely.

Wiper has to manually be lifted before working – 1996 Chevrolet Beretta
ANSWER : You will have to replace the "wiper arm shaft" and/or wiper arm for the side which isn’t working. Both of these components have very small splines which interlock when the nut is tightened. A heavy snow or ice load can cause the splines to break down, or strip, rather than damage the electric motor. A certified technician from YourMechanic can replace the windshield wiper arm at your home or office.

No windshield wipers
ANSWER : From your description of the problem, the combination switch sounds like the most common cause. It is the common component between the headlights and wipers. While not an every day occurrence, the combination switch is the most common cause. Whether you yourself or a certified technician checks and/or replaces the combination switch, check the wiring harness/plug at the combination switch. Operation of the lights being effected by the position of the steering column can indicate that there may be a loose or chaffed wire going to the switch as well as indicate there can be a loose/broken connection inside the combination switch itself.

My windshield wipers stopped working the motor seems to be working since when i turn them on you can hear a sound but they wont wi
ANSWER : Hi there. When the motor is working, but the windshield wipers do not move, the issue is typically caused by a broken wiper arm or perhaps one of the internal links inside the motor is broken. The best way to have any problem like this correctly diagnosed is to have one of our professional mobile mechanics come to your location and complete a wipers are not working inspection. This will allow them to identify the damaged parts and make the correct repairs.

Left indicator and windshield wipers work intermittently
ANSWER : If the fuse was blown on any of these circuits it would cause an open circuit. With an open circuit, whatever components that are controlled by that circuit will not function. The most likely cause would be an intermittent issue, such as the wiper stalk or wiring issue. A qualified technician, such as one from YourMechanic, will be able to diagnose your electrical circuits and make any repairs that are necessary.

The windshield wiper itself works. However the little switch to control that broke off that’s all I needed fixed. How much do you
ANSWER : You would need to replace the complete switch in the steering column to fix the broken lever.