Where is the cmp located

code says camshaft position sensor is bad. the chilton manual doesn't show it very well.

My car has 76000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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The camshaft sensor is mounted straight down into the top rear center of engine block behind the intake manifold. The sensor is held in by one bolt and is pulled straight up out of the block.

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A camshaft position sensor can`t be reset. It either works, or it doesn`t. And, when it doesn`t, it has to be replaced. You`ll know you`re having camshaft sensor issues when your check engine light is on, the car has difficulty accelerating, or is stalling.
Just like a four-cylinder engine, this engine comes with four camshafts. The camshaft position sensor in your vehicle tells the ECU which cylinder is firing. While the number can vary based on the age of your car, a new car should have four camshaft sensors, one for each camshaft.
Functions of Camshaft position (CAM) sensor

To determine which cylinder is on its power stroke, a camshaft position (CMP) sensor is used by the car`s computer to monitor the rotating position of the camshaft relative to the crankshaft position.

A camshaft sensor determines the exact position of your engine`s camshaft, helping your car keep your engine`s combustion running smoothly. Many modern engines have one camshaft sensor for each camshaft. This can mean up to four, although some cars will only have two.
Before connecting, clean the sensor with a cleaning solution and let it dry. Connect the sensor`s three wires to their original place. Reconnect the battery and restart the system. You have thoroughly disinfected the camshaft position sensor.
To reset a sensor, turn the device over and look for the circle on the back labeled “RESET” (See photo below). Insert a paperclip or other thin wire through the label to make a hole, and depress the reset button. You`ll feel it `click` when it is depressed (you should not have to press very hard).
For a V-style engine (V6, V8, V10) this means 4 total camshafts, as each head gets their own double camshafts. By having two camshafts per head, each camshaft is dedicated only to the intake valves or the exhaust valves, not both, and because of this, they can be located directly above the valve.
Details Camshaft Position Sensor (CMP)

The Camshaft Position Sensor (CMP), together with the RPM sensor, informs the ECU the phase of the engine cylinders. This allows for more precise control of the injection and ignition system. Its operation is essential for the vehicle`s good performance and fuel consumption.

The camshaft sensor works according to the Hall principle. It scans a ring gear on the camshaft. The rotation of the ring gear changes the Hall voltage of the Hall IC in the sensor head. This change in voltage is transmitted to the control unit and evaluated there in order to establish the required data.
The camshaft sensor works according to the Hall principle. It scans a ring gear on the camshaft. The rotation of the ring gear changes the Hall voltage of the Hall IC in the sensor head. This change in voltage is transmitted to the control unit and evaluated there in order to establish the required data.
The ECM uses signal pulses from the crank position sensor (CKP) to calculate when a particular cylinder is approaching top dead center. The pulses from the cam position sensor (CMP) are used to decide whether it is on a compression or an exhaust stroke.

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I have a check engine light coming on and off. Scanned code is p0013. CMP solenoid fault. 2008 Pontiac G6
ANSWER : Hello – the P0013 (camshaft position actuator solenoid control circuit) code you have could be caused by several issues. This could be an electrical issue with the wiring to that solenoid itself. There may also be a problem with a stretched camshaft timing chain or worn cam chain guides – especially if cam chain timing components have not been serviced on your engine. Since your problem comes and goes, I would check the wiring and connectors closely as a first priority. Then check for a lack of continuity in the solenoids themselves. I recommend a Check Engine inspection performed by a mobile, professional mechanic, such as one from YourMechanic, who will come to your location, diagnose this problem, give you an accurate assessment of damage and cost estimate for repairs.

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ANSWER : If you have Electronic Manual Temperature Control (EMTC), the blower motor resistor block is accessed by removing the accelerator pedal. Once the pedal is removed you will see the wiring harness to the block and the single retaining screw that must be removed to replace the block. If you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to re-contact YourMechanic as we are always here to help you.

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where is the crank position sensor located we can’t locate it
ANSWER : The crankshaft sensor is located under the a/c compressor.

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ANSWER : The sensor is located on the fuel rail on the driver side by the brake booster. If you need further assistance locating the fuel pressure sensor, then seek out a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, to help you.

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Location of the cabin filter and rocking noise underneath vehicle. Gas guage keeps going up and down
ANSWER : Hi there. The air cabin filter on the Caravan is located behind the glove box. To access it, you’ll have to remove the glove box or have a professional mechanic replace the air cabin filter. In regards to the knocking issue, loose motor mounts can cause this symptom, but could also be caused by loose front end suspension components. Finally, in regards to the fuel gauge, the issue might be the EVAP system, which is designed to relieve pressure and reduce the exposure of harmful gases from the fuel tank. You might want to have a professional mechanic inspect your vehicle and recommend the right repairs to ensure you don’t have other problems.

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ANSWER : Hello. There should be three main electrical ground points for that engine. One from the battery to the frame or engine, one from the battery to the starter, and one from the firewall to the engine. Clearing the contact points of any rust, paint, or dirt will help ensure the best connection.

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Crankshaft positioning sensor location and easiest way to change
ANSWER : This engine has a crankshaft sensor mounted in the transmission housing at the left rear of the engine.

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