What would cause a front coil spring to come out of its seat?

Two days ago a local shop replace my tie rod ends, today after a long drive I just happened to look under my truck and see that the passenger side coil spring is sitting out of its seat. Could this be related to the tie rod job or is it probably just coincidence?

My car has 98000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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Hello, thanks for writing in about your Dodge Ram 1500. Spring removal is not needed to change tie rods. It’s possible the spring is broken, or the upper spring seat/cup may have broken off the chassis due to rust or corrosion. If you need assistance with getting it fixed, consider YourMechanic, as one of our mobile technicians can come to your home and replace the suspension spring. Best of luck.

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A broken coil spring will mean pressure on the tyres is uneven, causing the affected tyre to wear out more quickly on one side. And if the coil falls out of the vehicle it obviously creates a hazard for other road users.

Corrosion is the most common reason coil springs break. Coil springs are manufactured with plastic coatings around them to protect the metal from wearing on the springs.

Regardless of whether it`s a broken coil spring or a broken shock absorber, you cannot drive a vehicle which has any element of the suspension that is broken. This is because driving with a damaged or collapsed coil spring can cause sagging, which could cause more damage to your vehicle in the long-term.
Dirt and water can cause your coil springs to wear down. Consistent and prolonged contact with water can be particularly damaging, as it can cause the coil to rust over and weaken. Some coil springs can also wear down if a vehicle is consistently overloaded.
One of the most frequent types of damage caused by potholes is broken coil springs, which will cause uneven suspension. This is because the coil springs take the brunt of the force when you drive over a pothole.
Park your vehicle and crouch behind to see if the rear frame is sitting lower to the ground, and especially if the frame is sitting lower on one side. This unevenness could be due to one coil spring or leaf spring being more worn or damaged than the other.
Replacing the coil springs on a vehicle can have a dramatic impact on its ride and handling. From matching OE performance to achieving improvements in performance, using the right coil spring is vital..
They support the vehicle`s weight, and in so doing affect ride quality, ride height, wheel alignment, handling and even braking. But some technicians don`t take the time to “read” the springs because their focus is directed elsewhere. Springs need to be inspected every so often because all springs sag with age.
A spring under tension for an extended period of time can become weaker. Any object will either resist or deform when subjected to outside stress. Springs are specifically designed to deform in order to absorb energy from outside stress, then return to their natural state when they release that energy.
What has been lost from the original coil spring can only be completely restored by installation of new coil springs. This will restore the vehicle to the correct height.
Tension loss occurs when the spring loses its ability to retain its original shape and strength under load. There are several reasons why springs lose their tension over time, including fatigue, corrosion, vibration, and extreme temperature changes.
Can You Have Too Much Preload? Springs work in both extension and compression so too much preload makes the springs too soft on compression. When this happens we have to compensate with shock valving and sometimes that can lead to harshness.
Essentially, preload means that the spring is pushing outward on the shock before the shock has even started compressing. To make the shock start to compress, you have to overcome that preload force. The more preload force there is, the more force you have to exert on the shock to get it to move.
Drawbacks of a spring spacer

Spring spacers have the same issues as a full suspension upgrade, in that you can bust CV`s, struts, upper control arms (UCA), ball joints and suspension geometry. The whole lot of it, if you don`t do it properly.

Wave springs are the ideal solution for tight radial and axial spaces. Wave springs providing the same force and deflection as a coil spring in up to 50% less space. Significant cost savings may be seen with a smaller, more light-weight assembly, as it takes less time and material to produce.
Coil Dimensions

The spring rate increases as wire diameter increases, but the coil rate decreases as the mean diameter increases. The spring rate decreases as the number of active coils increases, and fewer active coils yield a stiffer spring rate.

The purpose of automotive coil springs is to absorb a considerable amount of weight for a truck to carry. By reinforcing your truck with Heavy Duty Coils Springs, it will increase its capacity load as well as prevent sagging from the added weight. It also gives a vehicle a 1” lift.
Three common types of coil spring designs are compression, extension, and torsion.
The coil spring, used in conjunction with a spacer, can change lift height (due to wear or a change in weight), but the spacer will never change height.
Most ignition coils are durable components, but they are neither indestructible nor designed to last forever. Ignition coils tend to fail because of bad spark plugs or plug wires. If your vehicle`s fuel-to-oxygen mixture is either rich or lean, therefore, your ignition coils may fail prematurely.
Length of spring – A shorter spring is a stiffer spring. Thickness of spring wire – A spring with a thicker wire is a stiffer spring. Diameter of coils of spring – A spring with a smaller diameter of coils is a stiffer spring.
If you make the wire diameter larger, you will make the spring stronger and if you make it smaller, you will make it weaker. This is because, by making the wire diameter larger, you are also making the spring`s coils tighter which reduces the spring index.
Springs also have an elastic limit. If you stretch a spring too far, it will no longer snap back to its original position. It will be permanently deformed. A material which is elastic will regain its original length after being stretched or compressed.

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What would cause a front coil spring to come out of its seat?
ANSWER : Hello, thanks for writing in about your Dodge Ram 1500. Spring removal is not needed to change tie rods. It’s possible the spring is broken, or the upper spring seat/cup may have broken off the chassis due to rust or corrosion. If you need assistance with getting it fixed, consider YourMechanic, as one of our mobile technicians can come to your home and replace the suspension spring. Best of luck.

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ANSWER : Hey there, thanks for writing in about your 1997 Mercedes-Benz E300. This is also related to your other question regarding the coil springs. As explained, the perch is a structure that supports the coil springs. Often times, when one or the other fails, the other will also fail shortly after due to the extreme amount of stress that these components are subjected to. At that point, the coil spring will need to be repaired. To have this verified, I suggest having a certified professional from YourMechanic come to your home or office to inspect the suspension and determine what repairs are necessary.

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