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I wanted to know if its safe to drive a car with a bad rear differential for temporary until it gets fixed and only like city not far and how much would it be to get it repaired on a mustang gt '02 v8?
My car has an automatic transmission.
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The amount of service life left before the differential, say, seizes, depends on exactly what’s wrong with it. Of course, be sure to check and make sure you are not just running it dry without adequate fluid thus causing lots of noise. If it is dry or fluid is low, although you may have caused some damage, at least adding fluid now could make it usable for a while longer. One potential issue is, if you intend to rebuild your existing unit, or have YourMechanic do it, the more you drive on it now the fewer internal parts are likely to be re-usable. So, for example, if you merely have a defective roller bearing right now, rebuilding it now could allow use of maybe all of the parts, but if you drive it until the bearing falls apart, the metal debris spread through the gears will damage them, basically necessitating replacing the whole differential or finding a good core to rebuild. So, again, to answer your question on the cost, it depends on what parts have to be replaced and perhaps even on whether you have a rebuildable core. If what you have is not rebuildable, a used unit would have to be procured (not hard to find) and the used unit might have to be inspected and repaired, too, before your use of it. If you need assistance, a certified YourMechanic technician can be dispatched to your location to help with replacement of your rear differential.

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GTs have had a standard limited-slip differential since 1986, and four and six-cylinder Mustangs have had one since 2011.
The majority of Mustangs come equipped with a limited-slip type differential called Traction-Lok from Ford. A limited slip differential maintains traction by “sensing” when one wheel is slipping, locking the wheels together and thereby redirecting greater torque to the non-slipping wheel.
Manual Transmission

The majority of Mustangs come with a ratio of 2.73-3.31 from the factory.

Mustang GT Super 8.8 Torsen Differential.
From 1986-2010, the Ford Mustang 8.8” rear end would be used for all V8 Mustangs, and the Ford 7.5” rear end was installed into all 4-cylinder (2.3L) and V6 Mustangs (3.8L).
The most accurate differential identification is provided by the bottom line of the tag number or axle tube stamp. Differential tags can easily be used to identify Dana and Ford differentials.
This rearend is lighter than a 9-inch and is as strong as a 12-bolt (except for the axles), and many Mustangs came from the factory with Traction-Lok limited-slip differentials.
The `99-01′ & `03-04′ Mustang SVT Cobras were equipped with an Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) that used the Ford 8.8” differential. Starting in 2011, both the V6 (3.7L) & V8 (5.0L Coyote) Mustangs used the Ford 8.8 rear end.
To keep it simple, if you want a daily driver and want to save a little on fuel and you care about performance but don`t want screaming RPM, then taller gears like the 3.73 ring and pinion are the way to go.
All S550 Mustangs arrive with a limited-slip differential. This allows for better power transmission to the pavement. A standard open differential has no way to limit power from a slipping wheel and transfer it to the wheel with traction.
The Ford Mustang is one of the few vehicles that has used both a solid rear axle and an independent rear suspension in the modern era.
If it spins in the same direction, you have a limited slip differential, or LSD. When working properly, an open differential is the best riding, most comfortable option for everyday driving.
With that said, a car without a limited slip diff will almost always be slower than a car with one. This is because you can get back on the power much sooner and more aggressively with a limited slip diff , which will let you shave a lot of time.
4) Many models included a Traction-Lok limited-slip differential, which can be identified by a large, S-shaped clip pressing against the inside of the side gears. This can be seen only with the cover off; without an ID tag, you can`t spot a TractionLok from the outside.
Enter the Limited Slip Differential

This magical component was first developed all the way back in 1935 to minimise excessive wheel spin in Grand Prix racing cars. The first LSDs connected the two half axles together with a clutch pack allowing a limited amount of clutch slip between each side of the axle.

Anti-lock brakes are standard, but traction control isn`t available.

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Rear axle question
ANSWER : The leak on the axle seal may be minor if you did not notice the level to be low when you checked it. I cannot say it will last for 2 and a half hours of driving, since this is when the differential will get the hottest and may leak worse. I suggest having a mechanic diagnose your oil leak and have it repaired before going on the trip, since a cheap repair now may become an expensive repair if you drive it and the rear end locks up after it lost all its oil.

In the meantime, feel free to read more on differential/gear oil in this article.

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aloha! i was told it would cost me $1870 to get a rear axle replacement. i have a 2006 toyota sequoia with mileage of 80,000. it
ANSWER : Aloha. Ah – the infamous "it’s all gone" excuse. To be quite blunt, you’re being ripped off. If a professional mechanic can’t explain what exactly is damaged with any mechanical component, they are taking advantage of you. I would get your car back and contact a different mechanic. Or, feel free to send us some information about the symptoms your car is experiencing that led you to take the car to the mechanic in the first place. Maybe we can help diagnose your issue and allow you to bring that info to a different mechanic. Mahalo.

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Rear Differential Repair
ANSWER : Your best bet would be to go to or contact a Toyota dealer and give them the full VIN you have. This will be used by the dealer to access your vehicle build list. This list will tell you everything that was installed into your vehicle when it was built. You will be able to get the corresponding part numbers to your differential. You will also be able to find the gear ratio and if it is a locker or non locker. You can also find this information by downloading the 2013 Toyota Tacoma product specs from Toyota’s website.

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Can front wheel drive car engine power rear wheel drive
ANSWER : Anything is possible with enough engineering. The changes you are looking at would take major structural changes and would definitely not be an easy job. You could possibly consult a manufacturing engineer to get more details on how this could actually be carried out and whether it would be feasible.

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I was told I need my rear bearing replaced. I was also told that their are metal shavings in the rear differential.
ANSWER : Hi there. Unfortunately, rear main seal replacement is not among our service offerings. This job is best completed through a machine shop with the correct access to the right tools and shop equipment that makes this job much easier to complete.

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Rear brakes not grabbing – 1995 GMC K2500
ANSWER : Hello. It is not in the ABS, but may be the proportional valve not giving the correct pressure split front to the rear. The vehicle never had enough pressure for the rear brakes. Have the rear shoes adjusted properly if you have drum brakes. You should check to see if there is an updated part to replace the old one. If you would like to have this done, a certified technician from YourMechanic can inspect the brake system and let you know what repairs are needed.

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I hear a rattling noise in the back of my car.I was told I need rear struts not sure which parts
ANSWER : Hi there. I would strongly recommend having a professional mechanic accurately diagnose the issue you’re having if you are going to have a private, non-Mercedes Benz certified mechanic complete these repairs. By having one of our mobile mechanics come to your location and completing a car is making a noise inspection, they will be able to pinpoint the source of your noise and recommend the right repairs.

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Rear End Differential Fluid
ANSWER : You should only have the differential serviced when you have a leak on the rear cover or an axle seal has leaked and needs replaced. The gear lube should not need replacement unless a problem is present.

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