Power top not going up all the way

The power top in my car doesn't work. It goes up part way and then stops.
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There is a shelf in the trunk that can be raised or lowered when the top is completely raised. If the shelf is in the up position, the top will not work. Make sure the shelf is lowered to the proper convertible position. If this does not work, a scan tool with OEM capabilities will need to be used to check the switch positions and check if the top can be operated. A trained technician can diagnose and fix the issue with your power top.

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If a convertible top simply doesn`t go up or down when you engage the switch, the cause may be a bad fuse, lift cylinder, or relay. When a convertible top gets stuck in the process, it is most likely caused by a lift cylinder or a broken cable.
The E46 Convertible-top is a fully automatic electro-hydraulic system that completely opens and closes the soft-top using hydraulic cylinders and electric motors. It consist of the con- vertible module (CVM II) which controls and monitors the complete operation of the system.
Press the emergency lock button. Usually, this is between your rear seats. Grab your convertible top on the side and top of the frame. Lift the top up and forward, then fold down.
Cheer up when we show you how to . . . Replacing a convertible top is not overly complicated, but it isn`t easy either. It takes a professional 7-8 hours to correctly install and align a top, and that isn`t taking into consideration the possible need for the restoration or maintenance of the top frame.
Leave the top up, but crack the windows to promote ventilation and prevent moisture from building up in your interior. Storing your convertible with the top down is a bad idea. Your convertible top may stretch, crack, or rip when you put it up after a very long period of time folded.
When it comes to soft top convertibles, wear and tear really degrades their lifespan. You can expect to get 3-6 years out of a soft top before it needs to be replaced. This is because holes, mold, sagging, or broken seams are common.
(It took 6.1 seconds to reach 60 mph and 14.8 seconds to run the quarter-mile at 95 mph vs. 6.4 seconds and 15.1 seconds at 93 mph for the 328i.) But look beyond these oft-quoted benchmarks for the real poop.
One is that hardtops are typically more expensive, both to purchase and to repair, if something breaks. In addition, some motorists do not prefer a hardtop because they believe the car loses its “convertible look.” That is another reason BMW has made the switch.
In the case of a DIY application, you`ll spend roughly $300 in parts to get the job done. A professional will likely charge about $1,000 to perform this service, depending on your vehicle`s make and model and whether or not you have a soft-top or hardtop.
Don`t use the convertible roof!

Especially if the temperature is close to freezing. The cold can make the rubber seals and soft top brittle, so the movement of raising or lowering the roof can end up causing damage.

Convertibles have a reputation of being cold, damp and smelly, and this is because they are a little more prone to leaks than normal cars.
Stay out of the sun.

The ultraviolet rays of the sun can do damage to any surface on your vehicle, not the least of which is your convertible top. The sun might make for a nice day to get your car cleaned, but it does not aid in the process. A vehicle should never be washed in direct sunlight.

A key disadvantage of a soft-top is the roof can get easily damaged by someone with bad intentions. Even though the convertible fabric is highly durable, if someone were to puncture it with a sharp object, they could cause significant damage and gain access to any valuables stored inside your vehicle.
While BMW electronically limited the E46 M3 to 250 kph or 155 mph, the car in the clip doesn`t seem to have that limiter in place. In several of the subsequent runs, we see the car pushed beyond 260 kph, with its fastest speed nearing 280 kph in the clip. That`s 174 mph, for what it`s worth.
2001 to 2003 models of the E46 M3 faced many problems of premature engine failure. This was due to incorrectly-sized rod bearings. The car not only faced recalls for engine problems but also due to improper seals on the VANOS solenoid.

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ANSWER : It sounds as if you are having further issues with your transmission. If the vehicle will only go forward and not reverse, it is possible that a shift solenoid replacement will resolve the issue. It is also possible that internal transmission damage may have occured. I would strongly recommend having your transmission inspected by a qualified professionial who is proficcient at transmission diagnosis. When your vehicle is hesitating to move forward, this sounds like the transmission is slipping. Maintaining proper fluid levels is essential to proper transmission operation. Be sure to have the transmission checked for leaks as well during this inspection.

Electrical issue with window
ANSWER : Hi there. If you are still unsure after testing both components, you could always make a switched jumper wire, or use a circuit tester that is capable of acting as a switch. This way, you can avoid having to buy another switch and taking a chance that it is not the problem. Or you could supply voltage directly to the motor, in a short burst, to see if the motor functions in each direction. Just be aware that you need to be careful not to injure yourself around the moving parts. If you would like to have an expert perform this procedure for you, a qualified professional from YourMechanic can come to your car’s location to diagnose the electrical system and follow through with proper repairs.

My car won’t go past 35mph
ANSWER : Hi there. From the description you provided, your vehicle has problems with the transmission again. You stated it will not shift into 3rd gear again, like before the transmission was rebuilt. If the transmission is again the problem, it should be covered under warranty. It could be a faulty shift solenoid. The shift indicator not reading properly could be a faulty transmission position sensor. If this is an overall lack of performance issue, according to your last statement, then possibly you have a restriction in the exhaust system. I recommend having your vehicle’s problems inspected and diagnosed by a certified technician from YourMechanic.

My 2005 Kia Sorento doesn’t have the power to go down the road. It will start and run, but it won’t go faster than 35 mph.
ANSWER : Check to see if any vacuum lines were disconnected when your engine was serviced. A vacuum leak can cause the engine to have a loss of power under a load. If all of the vacuum lines are good, then the catalytic converter could be clogged as the exhaust having too much oxygen in the system due to the exhaust leak that you had repaired. If the catalytic converter seems to be in good shape, then the timing could be off on the engine causing the ignition sequence to be late. If you need further assistance with your vehicle having a loss of power, then seek out a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, to help you.

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ANSWER : Hi there. When a car is slow to accelerate it can be caused by multiple issues, ranging from fuel systems that are clogged or damaged to an ignition system component failure. It is also possible that something in the driveline system is dragging which causes the lack of acceleration. Since there are so many different possible issues, the best way to start the diagnosis process is to have a professional mobile mechanic from our team come to your location and complete a car is slow to accelerate inspection.

Car doesn’t want to stop when brakes are pressed, has an odor, and feels like it wants to power off on me.
ANSWER : Hello.

From what you describe it would appear that some sort of serious issue may have occurred that is greatly affecting engine performance. A few common reasons why a car would not want to go over 45 mph is due to problems with the fuel, ignition, or engine management systems. Smoke from the engine is usually a result of fluid leaks. It may be possible that oil, power steering, or even brake fluid are leaking and have made contact with a hot engine component, producing smoke. You mention that the car did not want to stop, or had trouble stopping – this could be related to the smoke if there is a brake fluid leak present. I would recommend having a professional technician look at the vehicle, as the possibilities could be many.



Shifting from 2nd to 3rd, car stopped going fast. Now it won’t go at all.
ANSWER : It is possible that your clutch has failed. The sound you are hearing is likely due to the clutch not engaging with the engine due to it being worn. I would recommened having your transmission inspected by a qualified transmission expert to determine if your clutch requires replacement in order to resolve this issue. This inspection may require removal and partial disassembly of the transmission in order to verify that the clutch has failed.

None of my power window will go up or down. And I just replace the power window relay
ANSWER : Check the 20 amp power window circuit breaker in the engine compartment fuse box. If the circuit breaker is sending power to the relay then the main power window switch will need to be checked to see if it is getting power on the yellow and light green wire at the switch. If you are getting power, then the problem will be in the main control switch. Check for power at the yellow, white, and black wires that go to the front power window motor, they should have power when you move the driver window switch up or down with the key in the on position. If you find that there is no power then the switch is at fault. If you need more help diagnosing the problem, contact a certified mechanic who can assess the issue with your windows and make the necessary repairs.