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Truck idled and runs good. For it to have a little get up you have to put it to the floor. At normal speed holding the pedal still it looses power have to give it more gas to stay at same speed. It looses about 5 miles per hour in about 5 miles. Put a tune up already that wasn't the problem, I also changed the fuel pump and tank. If theres anything you can help me with it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Chad

My car has 226000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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Hi Chad. Assuming the check engine light is not coming on, leads me to believe the ECM (engine control module)/computer is not recognizing a fault. The overall lack of acceleration and reduced speed, holding a steady accelerator pedal, could be the exhaust system is restricted. The most likely cause would be, a partially plugged catalytic converter. A vacuum test and/or dropping the exhaust could prove the diagnoses. Replacing components without proper diagnoses can be expensive and time consuming without resolution. I recommend having your vehicle’s lack of acceleration be diagnosed and repaired by a certified technician, such as one from YourMechanic.

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The 4.3L Vortec engine is a reliable, powerful engine that is often used in trucks and SUVs. This engine offers excellent torque and towing power, making it a great choice for those who need a vehicle that can handle heavy loads.
Chevy Vortec 4300 (4.3L V6) Engine Reliability

Overall, the 4.3 vortec is a very strong and reliable motor, proven by it being the longest lasting production vortec engine. Generally, these engines are extremely capable of lasting up to 300,000 miles.

This meant that, like its eight-cylinder siblings, the V6 also gained a new cylinder head design. It was a move intended to bolster efficiency rather than boost power, and output for the 4.3 remained in the 190 to 200 horsepower range for its most common applications.
The most common reason a Chevy car (or any car) won`t start is a dead battery. If you have a battery tester, check your charge to see if it`s low. A dead battery can also be jumpstarted with jumper cables.
Not quite as legendary as its larger brethren, the L99 was actually a diminutive 4.3L V8.
Major design changes were made to the 4.3 L (262 cu in) V6 for the 1996 model year. Like other small block Chevrolet V8s, the 4.3 L (262 cu in) engine received redesigned heads which had improved airflow and combustion efficiency. These heads are referred to as Vortec heads.
The 4.3-liter Chevy V6 debuted in the 1985 model year.
Average engine lifespan

For some time, the average lifespan of a car`s engine was eight years, or 150,000 miles. New designs, better technology and improved service standards in recent years have increased this average life expectancy to about 200,000 miles, or about 10 years.

V8 engines generally have more torque although, the difference can be minimal in some models. The power of eight cylinders allows for heavier hauls and higher towing capacity. More power also means quicker acceleration and speed.
4.3L V6 Engine: The standard V6 engine generates 285 hp and a best-in-class 305 lb-ft of torque. Its towing capacity is 7,600 pounds.
Why won`t my car start but I have power? If you attempt to start up your car but the engine won`t turn over and the dashboard lights up, then you most likely have an issue with your battery. You could have a damaged or corroded battery terminal, which is stopping the engine from starting up when you fully turn the key.
This is often a sign of low transmission fluid or a faulty transmission control solenoid. As you know, automatic transmissions use pressurized hydraulic fluid to change gears.
4.3L V-6 LV1 Small-Block Engine | GM Powertrain OEM.
In comparison to a four-cylinder engine, V6 engines offer more power and run smoother. Fuel economy is one of the biggest benefits of adopting a V6 engine. Lastly, V6 engines can provide more stability and better handling than their V8 counterparts. V8 engines typically offer better power and acceleration.
V6 vs V8: Horsepower and Torque

In theory, by design, a V8 will always be able to make more power than a V6. That`s what those cylinders are there to do, and two more of them is an advantage.

Displacing 4.3 liters in a V6 configuration, the LU3 served as the standard (base) powerplant for GM`s GMT900-based full-size pickup trucks (Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500) and continues to be the base powerplant for the Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana full-size vans.
LB4 – The General Motors 4.3 engine incorporated a new throttle-body fuel injection system. Mainly found in Chevrolet car models, it produced 130-150hp. This engine could be found for sale in the 1995 Chevrolet Impala, 1985-1988 Chevrolet Caprice, 1985-1988 Chevrolet El Camino, and Chevrolet Monte Carlo.
Internally speaking the 5.3 is far superior to the 4.3. The 5.3 is only about 4″ longer than the 4.3. The 5.3 can get as good or better fuel economy than the 4.3. The 4.3`s design will tear itself apart due to the way it`s balanced, ask me how I know!
2022 Chevy Silverado 1500 Highway MPG:

22 mpg (2WD) 20 mpg (4WD)

4.3L EcoTec3 V6

Impressively, it delivers 285 HP and 305 lb. -ft.

There is no such interval as the 4.3 V-6 uses a chain……………
V6 disadvantages

The engine balance is worsened as displacement increases (longer piston stroke) and an increase in bore size (increasing the mass of the piston). The counterweights needed therefore add complexity to the engine`s design and manufacture, increasing overall costs.

A V6 engine will be able to produce a greater amount of power at a quicker pace and will be much more responsive to each tap of the gas pedal, able to quickly accelerate to high speeds.
The V6 engine is highly fuel-efficient, but gives the discerning driver access to a much higher level of performance whenever desired.

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car is barely picking up speed from stationary position to 3rd gear
ANSWER : Hi there. Check the turbo on the engine. With the loss of power until the vehicle is driven normally after 100 meters and the lack of power going up steep hills, the turbo could have failed causing the engine to lose power. Remove the intake hose to the turbo and start the engine. Look to see if the turbo is spooling up or not. If its not spooling up, then the turbo shaft could be seized and would need replaced other wise the waste gate could be not functioning causing the turbo to stop boosting. I recommend seeking out a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, to help you diagnose your loss of power.

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2001 Isuzu Rodeo Transmission is jumping high but doesn’t pick up speed right away. What could be wrong?
ANSWER : Hi there. Generally speaking, when this type of problem occurs, its caused by one of two transmission issues. Either the torque converter is starting to fail or you have an inner leak or obstruction of transmission fluid, caused either by broken inner seal or dirty transmission fluid that needs to be flushed. Since there are multiple possible issues here, it’s probably a good idea to have a professional mechanic come to your location and complete a car is slow to accelerate inspection, before you complete any repairs.

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Car radio will not pick up radio stations.
ANSWER : There are multiple issues that could cause a radio to not pick up an AM / FM signal. In most cases it’s due to faulty wiring, a loose ground wire or the wiring running to and from the antenna. However, it’s also possible that an internal component inside the radio such as an electrical relay has been damaged. It might be best to purchase a new tuner; as diagnosing and fixing this issue would most likely be more expensive than the cost of buying and installing a new one.

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Get a code P0743, car has a very slow pick up from stop position.
ANSWER : The code is for the torque converter clutch solenoid or circuit problem. The solenoid and the wiring will need to be tested following the manufacture pinpoint test to see if the solenoid is bad or the wiring or computer is at fault. The most common problem is the solenoid is bad and would need replaced. I recommend having a professional technician, such as one from YourMechanic, inspect your acceleration problem for a proper diagnosis and repair.

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I need to replace the harmonic balancer on my 94 buick. Is it ok to drive to go pick up the parts?
ANSWER : If the harmonic balancer is known to be defective, the only prudent course is to not operate the engine until the balancer is replaced. There are at least two risks: 1) the balancer could completely separate causing further damage; and 2) a defective balancer can cause crankshaft and/or main bearing damage. If you desire that the balancer be replaced by a certified Mechanic, dispatched by YourMechanic right to your location, please request harmonic balancer replacement and the responding certified mechanic will get this taken care of for you. If you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to re-contact YourMechanic as we are always here to help you.

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Car has pick up problem
ANSWER : Hello. It seems like your vehicle is having performance related issues due to a fuel problem. A few things I would check are the fuel pressure regulator, the fuel lines, and the coolant temperature sensor.

An issue with any of those can cause the vehicle to produce the symptoms you are experiencing. Also, if the Check Engine Light is on, I would recommend having the trouble codes retrieved for further diagnoses. I’d recommend getting some help from a professional mechanic for this job. They will be able to diagnose your cars harsh driving symptoms firsthand and make the necessary repairs to get your car running smoothly again.

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My dodge ram hemi 1500 5.7 litre pick up has a tuck tuck sound came from engine side while accelerating.
ANSWER : I have seen many trucks come in with this concern and have broken exhaust manifold bolts or a cracked exhaust manifold. The noise came from exhaust gases sneaking out between the manifold and engine block or through the cracked exhaust manifold. Consider hiring an experienced technician like one from YourMechanic who can come out and give a closer inspection on the noise in order to offer a more personal diagnosis.

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my swift lxi car 13000km run, know it wont pick up it very slow
ANSWER : Hello there. Modern cars like your 2011 Suzuki have a very complex system that delivers fuel to the engine and rids of the vehicle of exhaust gases. A failure in any part of this system can lead to a car that is slow to accelerate. In the majority of cases, the problem can be traced back to the fuel system. You should contact a local mechanic and have them complete a car is hard to accelerate inspection to determine what is causing the issues with your Suzuki.

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