My gas cap will not open. I can get a new cap but how do I get the current one off?

I cannot get gas because my gas cap is stuck. I plan on getting a new one but right now just need to be able to get the current one off so I can get gas. How can I get the current one off?

My car has 160000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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Hi there. Unfortunately, there is no black & white step for removing a broken gas cap. If the gas cap is stripped or spinning around, it has to be carefully drilled out. This should be completed by a professional mechanic to avoid mistakes and debris falling into the fuel cell. If you live in one of our service areas, one of our professional mobile mechanics can come to your location and complete the gas cap replacement.

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The Gas Cap Trick

Simply remove your gas cap and put it back in place. Turn your car on, and the engine light may already be reset. If not, it might take a few cycles of turning your car off and on to make it reset. In some cases, it helps to drive around for a few miles, too.

ensures that your tank gets proper sealing and venting. and helps protect your fuel.
Take the plastic piece from the inside of a pencil and cut off a quarter-inch piece. Then, you`ll want to use your screwdriver to hammer into this plastic piece. Once you have done this, you will need to insert the screwdriver until it reaches the bottom of the lock and hit a couple of times, pull and release.
Locking fuel caps are a great way to prevent fuel theft. While there are ways around it, they will prevent most opportunistic thieves, though it may not do anything to stop a dedicated thief. Someone who is willing to drill a hole in your gas tank is not going to be deterred by having to deal with a locking fuel cap.
While stopping for gas is #1 on America`s most annoying daily activities, not being able to get your gas cap off can make the situation even worse. WD-40 can make the process that much easier. Spray a little bit on your gas cap to make filling up a squeak-free process.
Once the gas cap has been tightened, the check engine light will reset after several minutes, so drive for five to ten miles to see it reset. It will take some time (5 to 10 miles) for the gas cap to reset after you tighten it or replace a damaged one.
A: Yes they are, all cars and SUV`s have a universal gas tank cap size. Just because all gas caps fit every car, does not mean that the car`s sensors will work with every gas cap. Helpful?
The second producing mechanism is the gas cap drive, in which the field contains both oil and gas zones. As production begins, the drop in pressure causes the gas dissolved in the oil to exit the solution. This new gas moves up to the gas cap, and in so doing, expands to occupy the pores vacated by the oil.
There are different types of gas caps, ranging from slow-release to cap-less. However, the gas caps for all types of vehicles are replaceable, but the gasoline filler caps are not fully universal. The filler neck sizes for all vehicles vary by make and model.
Most cars lock their gas filler doors with the central locking system or require a manual release from inside the vehicle. But not all vehicles have locking filler doors, such as many American-made pickup trucks and SUVs.
A loose gas cap will not only let fuel vapors escape, but it can also let in dirt and grime. These vapors can cause an error in the emissions system, which could light up the check engine light. Grime that gets into the fuel tank can also damage the fuel injectors over time.
Locking covers require a key to open, while non-locking covers can be opened without a key. Locking covers are more secure, as they require a key to open and prevent unauthorized access to the gas tank. However, they can also be inconvenient, as you must have the key with you in order to open the cover.
If the gas cap isn`t sealing properly, check the gasket to be sure it isn`t missing or brittle. If you drive an old car or truck, be sure the metal gas cap isn`t bent or damaged. Both can lead to the gas cap issues and might require a replacement from the manufacturer.
Many manufacturers recommend tightening the fuel cap until it clicks three times, which is just a random number to make sure the cap is tight. At this point — even though the engine will run fine — it would be best to bring the car into have it looked at.
An ill-fitting gas cap will not only let fuel vapors escape, but it can also let in dirt and grime. These fuel vapors could produce an error in the emissions system, which would light up the check engine light. Dirt that seeps into the gas tank may also contaminate the fuel injectors.
You can expect to pay about $120 to $200 (depending on your car) for this repair.
Many cars have a fuel release lever that you have to engage in order to unlock the gas tank door. If your car has one, it will be near the bottom of the driver`s seat, close to the driver`s side door. Look for a small lever with a gas pump on it, then pull the lever up to engage it.
The PCM will ground the fuel pump relay which supplies power to the fuel pump under some specific circumstances. As a car sits, the fuel pressure gradually decreases and modern cars don`t run without fuel pressure.
Lift the cap away.

Remove it by simply lifting it away from the neck of opening of the fuel tank. Keep the old cap until you are certain that the replacement cap fits and can be installed properly. After lifting the old cap away, you can install a new gas cap.

The gas cap, also known as the fuel filler cap, is a simple but important component that is found on the vast majority of road going cars and trucks. Their purpose is simple; to prevent dirt, debris, and dust from entering the gas tank, as well as providing a reliable seal.
Apply a small amount of petroleum jelly on the gas cap and on the filler neck and install the gas cap. If the code returns, the small leak is elsewhere in the EVAP system.
Gas Cap Area also benefit from an all purpose cleaner and a scrub brush. Engine and the surrounding compartment require something a bit stronger like Meguiar`s Super Degreaser or a product designed for this purpose. A pressure washer also makes short work of these tough areas.
Without venting, your engine will be starved for fuel and it is even possible for the fuel tank to collapse due to the vacuum created when fuel is sucked out and air cannot replace it.

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My gas cap will not open. I can get a new cap but how do I get the current one off?
ANSWER : Hi there. Unfortunately, there is no black & white step for removing a broken gas cap. If the gas cap is stripped or spinning around, it has to be carefully drilled out. This should be completed by a professional mechanic to avoid mistakes and debris falling into the fuel cell. If you live in one of our service areas, one of our professional mobile mechanics can come to your location and complete the gas cap replacement.

Gas cap notification and check engine light came on after getting gas. Car started to sputter and stall out.
ANSWER : Hi there. When the fuel cap is not securely fastened to the tank, it can create vacuum issues inside the tank; which triggers the error code to be stored in the ECU. The error will then trigger the check engine light until that code is reset by a professional digital scanner. If you’re still having sputtering or stalling issues, you should contact a professional mechanic to complete an engine sputtering inspection. This will allow them to diagnose what’s causing this problem and reset any error codes to hopefully correct the issue your Chrysler 300 is experiencing.

My gas cap light keeps coming on. It won’t click when I turn it, so I bought a new cap. New cap won’t click closed either. What co
ANSWER : If you need a gas cap, especially if you are trying to resolve what you believe might be a cap related fault, use an OEM (dealer supplied) cap. Using a genuine OEM cap of the design supplied when the car was built is the only way you can guarantee that a replacement cap (even if "new") is not still a, or "the", problem. Aftermarket caps are often not identical to the OEM caps. Once you have a genuine OEM cap, if the cap is not clicking once tightened, there could be a problem with the threads on the fuel filler neck or other filler neck defect that will have to be resolved. I recommend that you request a gas cap inspection/diagnostic. A certified Mechanic, dispatched by YourMechanic right to your location, would then get this resolved for you. If you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to re-contact YourMechanic as we are always here to help you.

Finally got the gas cap off and replaced it with a new one. Now it won’t start.
ANSWER : Hi There,
It sounds like you may have a stuck vent valve or pinched line in your evaporative emissions system. This can cause problems with the fumes that are ventilated when ref-fueling your tank. As you fill it, large amounts of fumes accumulate that are routed to a charcoal canister where they are stored to be re-introduced later on into the fuel system. If this is not working properly, this can cause an error code to be registered when this happens. You may likely also have a check engine light on as a result of this. I would suggest having an expert from YourMechanic come to your location to take a look at your vehicle.

What’s going on when gas is constantly slowly leaking from where the gas cap is and the cap was not under pressure when opening?
ANSWER : It is possible the tank was filled too much, that is the gas pump did not shut down when it should. Even if gasoline was not filled right to the top, thermal expansion can later cause the gas to overflow if the tank gets warmer and pressure builds. The too high level will subside quickly as all you have to do is drive 25 miles or so to lose a gallon. If you believe there is a leak or other issue, a certified Mechanic from YourMechanic can perform a leak inspection during a mobile visit.

The gas cap on my car broke off. (The black knob you use to screw in the gas cap.) The gas cap is stuck securely in the fuel neck. How can I remove it?
ANSWER : Hi there. To remove the gas cap that broke off, get a pair of needle nose pliers and use it to remove the gas cap. Try to locate a part of the gas cap that you can grab with the needle nose pliers and turn the gas cap as if you were to take it off. You may need needle nose vice grips for a stronger hold. If you need further assistance with your vehicle, then seek out a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, to help you with removing the broken gas cap.

Gas cap light comes on but i got a new cap and it still comes on, what’s wrong. 2007 Chrysler
ANSWER : Hi there – on some cars, a correction for this warning requires multiple "drive sessions" to reset this code. It may also be possible, using a Check Engine code scanner/reset tool, to reset this code. If the code does not go off after a week of driving, have your codes read (most auto parts stores will do this for free) to determine if a different problem is causing this warning light. For assistance I would recommend a Check Engine inspection by a mobile, professional mechanic, such as one from YourMechanic, who will come to your location, diagnose this problem, give you an accurate assessment of damage and cost estimate for repairs.

starter switch replaced and do you have the computer to reset it. Also need help to put my new gas tank in. I have taken all bolts
ANSWER : Hello. After replacing the ignition switch on your vehicle you should be able to reprogram it manually. Putting the key into the ignition and leaving it there for a few seconds until an indicator comes up on the dashboard saying “key teach in progress” . After doing that 3-4 times the vehicle should start up as normal. We may be able to get a technician out to you today depending on what area you are in. I will inform customer support of your need for assistance right now but it may be beneficial to call 844-249-6752 and use their call back feature to get the fastest assistance possible.