I have a 2004 acura tsx, is it possible to use a 2004 honda accord main power switch on my acura tsx?

I have a 2004 acura tsx, is it possible to use a 2004 honda accord main power switch on my acura tsx? It looks pretty much the same but I'm not sure if i can use it.

My car has 200000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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Hi There,
Yes, the main relay for the Honda Accord is the same for the Acuras as well. I would suggest double checking the part numbers to be sure, but they should be interchangeable as they are exactly the same. If you need further help with this, please reach out to us here at YourMechanic as we are always here to help.

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The TSX spanned two generations, both derived from the corresponding Japanese/European versions of the Honda Accord, which were more compact and sporting-oriented than its larger North American counterpart, the latter platform which also used for the Acura TL which slotted above the TSX in Acura`s lineup.
One of the key features of the K24A2 engine is its high compression ratio of 10.5:1, which allows for improved engine efficiency and more power. The engine produces 197 horsepower at 6,800 RPM and 166 lb-ft of torque at 4,500 RPM in the 2004-2005 Acura TSX models.
The precise handling of the TSX perfectly complements its 200-hp 2.4-liter i-VTEC™ 4-cylinder engine.
Featured in the Acura TSX, alongside the Honda Oddessey and the JDM Accord Type-S, the K24A2 was capable of achieving between 197-205hp and between 164-171 lb/ft torque.
Acura is actually a branch of Honda, albeit one with its own merits. While the history of Honda shows an automaker providing a wide range of everyday vehicles, Acura was used to break into the luxury car market. In fact, Acura was instrumental in turning the image of Japanese autos from economy-focused to premium.
The Acura TLX and Honda Accord are two popular midsize sedans on the market. Although they may look like classic family cars, these vehicles fall into the luxury side of the vehicle world.
Since the K24 can handle forced induction well, it`ll come as no surprise that many owners opt to go down the turbocharged route with their build. If you intend to go beyond 400 hp, then a turbo kit will likely provide the best option for the money.
Acura TSX (2004–2014)

The K24A2 engine variant used in this car was specifically tuned for higher performance, generating an impressive 200 horsepower and 166 lb-ft of torque. This engine is highly praised for its i-VTEC system, which significantly enhances its efficiency without compromising power.

Specifically, the engine found in the 2004-2008 Acura TSX is the K24A2. It has a compression ratio of 10.5 to 1 and has a redline of 7,000 rpm.
The K-series engines have two short blocks with the same design. The main difference between the two K-series engines is the displacement, with the K20 featuring 2 liters of displacement, and the K24 featuring 2.4 liters.
2019 Honda CR-V`s 2.4L Engine is the Best Pick Thanks to its Durability and Solid Fuel Economy. While the 1.5L turbo engine is slightly more efficient and offers quicker acceleration than the 2.4L inline-four, it has shown some reliability quirks that have put a dent in Honda`s reputation.
A stock K24A2 engine with a 50 degree VTC gear typically makes 220-230whp and 180+wtq with the supporting upgrades in our swap packages. We generally set the rev limiter to 8200 RPM for track use. While other K series engines can be used for these swaps, they will all make less power than the engines we recommend.
BMW has higher quality ratings in 0 out of 4 comparisons, and both Acura and BMW are tied for overall quality in 1 comparisons. In terms of reliability ratings, BMW has the advantage in 2 out of 4 comparisons. Acura has higher reliability ratings in 1 out of 4 comparisons, and Acura and BMW tie in 1 comparisons.
Pros and Cons of Acuras

Acuras have a reputation for being more durable than their more affordable Honda counterparts, but they cost more to repair when things go wrong. The quality of Acuras is a testament to the lasting standard of the brand, but only with proper maintenance and care.

Engine Power and Fuel Efficiency Comparison. For engine performance, the Acura TSX`s base engine makes 201 horsepower, and the Honda Civic base engine makes 143 horsepower. The TSX is rated to deliver an average of 26 miles per gallon, with a highway range of 574 miles.
The second-generation TL (now called 3.2 TL) was released in 1998 and was now derived off the US-market Honda Accord platform.

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I have a 2004 acura tsx, is it possible to use a 2004 honda accord main power switch on my acura tsx?
ANSWER : Hi There,
Yes, the main relay for the Honda Accord is the same for the Acuras as well. I would suggest double checking the part numbers to be sure, but they should be interchangeable as they are exactly the same. If you need further help with this, please reach out to us here at YourMechanic as we are always here to help.

Will a transmission from a non vtech 1995 Honda accord work in a 1997 honda accord with vtech
ANSWER : The model year 1996 transmission will work in your 1997 vehicle but not the 1995. For a 1997 Accord, you can ONLY use transmission IDs B0YA Trans.; TAG: 20021-P0Z-010. No other transmission will work and there is no work around solution because the transmission is controlled by a computer and consequently to get the incompatible transmission to function you would have to literally change the physical hardware and software. Exact interchange transmissions for your vehicle can be readily found at Car-Part.com. If you are interested in a transmission replacement, YourMechanic professionals in certain locales can assist with that. Please simply inquire based on your locale. If you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to re-contact YourMechanic.

Is a non vtech 1995 honda accord tranny comparable with a vtech 1997 honda accord
ANSWER : Hi Tiffany: I contacted Honda with your specific question. According to Honda, the only transmission that will work properly, as designed and as intended, in your 1997 Accord is one with the EXACT same tag ID that you had originally. Consequently, the 1995 transmission will not work without RE-ENGINEERING components in the vehicle. We do not have details of the required re-engineering nor does Honda. They would literally have to assign technical staff to create a solution and instructions that you or mechanics would implement to get a non interchange part to work. The tag ID that you need appears on the 1997 transmission or it can be recreated using your VIN number. That tag ID represents the only interchange that is known to work. Installing a 1995 transmission with a different tag ID represents a custom, unique design that was not contemplated by Honda, and consequently is not supported by Honda. We repair factory built designs based on data in the Factory Service Manuals. Custom designs or newly created systems are generally outside our purview. It will be vastly less costly, less risky, and much more convenient if you install the transmission that Honda has ALREADY specified for your vehicle because by the time you redesign the car to accommodate a transmission that it was not intended for you will have to spend much more in the end than if you just simply used the Honda specified and Honda authorized part.

Used a quick fix for my broken power window: hold switch up and slam door. What might need replacing if it worked for me?
ANSWER : Hi there. In most cases, the quick fix that you learned online will lead you to knowing what component was damaged. In this case, if you press a window switch and slam the door, it will shake or rattle the connections to the switch and "magically" roll the window up. As such, the problem is most likely either the individual motor on that window or the switch relay to that window. It’s probably a better idea to have one of our mobile mechanics come to your location and complete a window does not work inspection, so they can inspect your car and determine exactly what needs to be repaired.

Electrical issue with window
ANSWER : Hi there. If you are still unsure after testing both components, you could always make a switched jumper wire, or use a circuit tester that is capable of acting as a switch. This way, you can avoid having to buy another switch and taking a chance that it is not the problem. Or you could supply voltage directly to the motor, in a short burst, to see if the motor functions in each direction. Just be aware that you need to be careful not to injure yourself around the moving parts. If you would like to have an expert perform this procedure for you, a qualified professional from YourMechanic can come to your car’s location to diagnose the electrical system and follow through with proper repairs.

I have a 1992 Honda Accord EX and I’m having an issue with the car not having power to the dash at all and doesn’t start.
ANSWER : Hi there:

The symptoms you’re describing are often an indicator that a problem exists with the alternator or charging system such as an electrical relay. Before you spend another penny trying to chase the symptoms by purchasing more parts, it’s best to have a professional mobile mechanic complete a battery does not hold a charge inspection. This service will allow them to correctly diagnose your Honda Accords issues.

What is the second switch called on my headlight switch?
ANSWER : Hi there. The second switch on that turn signal indicator is the parking lights. However, I understand what you’re thinking about doing and would highly recommend purchasing a detailed wiring schematic for your Mitsubishi or a repair and service manual first. Many people attempt to do this and end up calling a mechanic to rewire their accessory system due to an electrical fault or the wrong wires hooked up. Proceed with caution or have a local professional mechanic or car audio / alarm company provide you with the detailed instructions to complete this project.

The vehicle is used and the inertia switch seems to be removed. Do you know if that is possible?
ANSWER : This vehicle still uses the fuel pump inertia switch and it is located in the right kick panel. You may have a defective fuel pump in the fuel tank. This is the most common cause of no fuel pressure.