I had to,replace 3 shifters because it will not release the key. , but why?

Key problem

My car has 70000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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Hello, thank you for writing in. The key becomes locked into the ignition and it will stay there until the computers registers that the vehicle is in park. This is a safety feature so you will not leave the vehicle in gear or in neutral. All automatic transmissions are designed this way. The wiring on these sensors can become disconnected or break. The micro-switch that is engaged when the vehicle is in park may not be registering with the computer. The issue can be related to the shift linkage, the switch, or the shifter. Without doing an inspection on the actual issue, it is hard to tell what the cause may be, and why you would have had to replace the shifter three times. It may be a false diagnosis or a reoccurring issue with those parts from Chevy. There are many of these complaints about the system on similar vehicles. Talk to your technician and find out more about what they have been doing and what they think the issue is. If you are concerned, get a second opinion.

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Tape, glue, and other debris can cause your car key to get stuck in the ignition and can also make it difficult to turn the key to start the car. If this is your issue, pull the key out carefully while wiggling the steering wheel to release the tumblers and, hopefully, pull the debris out too.
Jiggling the key – Another easy method for removing a stuck key is to push down on the key cylinder with your left index finger while simultaneously jiggling the key with your right hand. This can loosen the grasp of the springs and pins located inside the cylinder and allow the key to slide out.
The most common reasons a Chevrolet Equinox key won`t turn are a binding steering column/lock, an ignition switch issue, or a problem with the ignition key. Search our network of RepairPal Certified shops near you to speak with a technician about your issue.
A car key stuck in the ignition that won`t release is usually because of a damaged/worn out car key or the ignition wafers have broken.
This is made as a theft deterrent. Many folks though panic if they accidentally lock the wheel when leaving the car, then find the ignition appears to be locked when they re-insert the key and try to start it.
If your ignition switch is stuck in the accessory position and will not shut off the power to the car, you can put graphite into the tumbler to help with the key; although this will damage the tumbler, you will be able to shut off the power to the vehicle.

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Replacing an ignition lock cylinder with no keys?
ANSWER : Hi there. Typically trying to get a key made to fit an ignition lock cylinder is next to impossible. The best advice we’d suggest is to replace your ignition lock cylinder; and make multiple copies of the keys (just in case this happens again).

Put key in ignition. Lights and everything come on for a second, then went off as I turned the key. Now no power, key stuck
ANSWER : Hi, thanks for writing in. This sounds like your battery cable connections are corroded or loose at the battery. Try to see if the battery connections are loose by wiggling them and see if power returns. If power returns, then have the cables removed, cleaned, and reconnected to test the battery. Hope this helps and best of luck!

2012 kia forte key alert keeps going even after reming key, parking lights stay on if in auto mode,key flob will not work all star
ANSWER : Hello. Unfortunately ignition cylinder failures are a fairly common occurrence on your particular vehicle. Usually the ignition cylinder itself will be at fault but at times you have to replace the unit which holds the cylinder known as ignition switch. A technician such as those which apply here at YourMechanic will be able to test your ignition switch and lock cylinder for you to let you which one is at fault. The ignition lock cylinder may simply be seized up, you can try to spray a little bit of WD-40 inside of the keyhole to see if that helps the situation.

Car worked fine last night. Key won’t turn in ignition this morning. Black looking liquid on key when taken out. Chimes sometimes.
ANSWER : Hello and thank you for contacting YourMechanic. There is a rubbery stick substance that is inside the ignition switch to protect the key as it is inserted. What seems to happen is the ignition switch got hot and melted the rubbery stick substance. The fix to this is replacing the ignition switch for it to got hot and failed. Also, check the wiring to the ignition for any loose or damaged wires. If you need further assistance with the ignition switch, then seek out a technician, such as one from YourMechanic to help resolve this problem for you.

how can i get replacement keys for the mechanical key blades attched to the 2 remote control keys of my ford explorer 2014 model
ANSWER : Unfortunately, the only way to get a replacement Intelligent Access key for your vehicle is from the Ford dealer. The keys will need to be programmed with an OEM capable scan tool as well, before the vehicle will recognize them.

I have a key tag code. I locked my key in my scooter. It’s a Yamaha Zuma. What do you suggest?
ANSWER : Hi there. You can remove the seat by removing the mounting bolts to the seat on the front hinge. Then gently pry up on the seat. Be careful not to tear the seat material. Then you can get your keys out. Make sure that you put the bolts back in the seat hinge after getting the keys out. If you need further assistance with your keys locked in your seat on your scooter, then seek out a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, to help you.

Passenger side door not unlocking manually with key. Key won’t insert into the door. Trunk lock works fine.
ANSWER : Hi there. The door lock cylinder has either an object in side it causing the key to not fit or the pins inside the cylinder has fallen into the key hole. I recommend replacing the door lock cylinder. If you need further assistance with your key not working in the door lock cylinder, then seek out a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, to help you.

2008 Ford Edge turned key on key off key on and displayed check brake system and went off but able to replicate every time
ANSWER : At key on, many dash warning lights will come on momentarily, and then turn off, as a system test as well as bulb check. If the brake warning light goes off immediately, that is normal. If you suspect a fault though, a mechanic can be dispatched to perform a warning light diagnostic, which would include a check for any trouble codes that might have set. The mechanic would also check to see if the light perhaps refers to required maintenance involving the brake pads. Finally, inasmuch as you have referred to a brake system related warning light, one thing you can and should do is check the level of brake fluid to be sure it is above the minimum level in the reservoir. If you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to re-contact YourMechanic as we are always here to help you.