how much should an ignition coil or ignition cost w parts and labor for a 1988 olsmobile 98 regency engine is a 3.8

I talked to my mechanic and he thinks that my ignition module or coil is going out and he quoted me around 2-300.00 is that price about right w parts and labor

My car has 192 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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Hi there:

If the quote you were given includes replacing both the ignition coil and module, then a price between $200 and $300 is a pretty fair estimate. If it’s one or the other, then a quote closer to $200 would be accurate for most private mechanics or local shops. Dealerships typically charge in excess of $400 for this repair in most cases.

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Parts can range from about $35 to more than $300 for one ignition coil, according to the vehicle you drive. Labor costs for replacing the part are usually less than $100.
You can replace one coil at a time or all at the same time. I would however recommend having all spark plugs replaced with the coils so you do not have to remove coils twice.
There`s one coil pack per spark plug.
Why are ignition coils so expensive? These are precision components. As a typical spark plug is fired eight times a second, ignition coils have to be well made. Being tempted by a low-quality part is a false economy.
The average cost of a central air conditioning coil replacement is $600-$2,000. The most common repairs range from $200–$6,000. Professional installation can cost an average of $400–$1,000.
Replacing one coil might cure the misfire and codes for now, but the other coils could fall prey to the same failure and codes. Replacing all for the coils at a time will save a comeback. This is why some ignition coil manufacturers package coils in sets.
The typical configurations are two wires, three wires and four wires. Some ignition coils contain a solid state driver module which is part of the ignition coil and is controlled by the Powertrain Control Module (PCM). Others have the primary winding wired to and directly controlled by the Powertrain Control Module.
Less expensive ignition coils use resins that are less resistant to vibration, heat and endless heat cycles under the hood. Taking a risk on a cheap ignition coil from an unknown source can put an engine at risk. Sponsored by Blue Streak.
The ohmic resistance of the coil is around 0.2–3.0 Ω on the primary side and around 5–20 kΩ on the secondary side.
The ignition coil on your car is supposed to last around 100,000 miles or more. There are a number of factors that can lead to this part become damaged prematurely. Most of the newer cars on the market have a hard plastic cover that is designed to protect the coil from damage.
The weaker the coils, the more prone they are to developing refrigerant leaks. And once you have a refrigerant leak, it`s usually more cost-effective to completely replace the coil or entire unit than to repair the leak and recharge the unit with more refrigerant (especially if your AC takes R-22 refrigerant).
200 to 500 Per Piece.
What kills ignition coils is location; being mounted in one of the hottest, most vibration prone and dirtiest parts of the engine. Modern ignition coils are typically located between two camshafts on the valve cover and exposed to dirt and oil.
Replacing an ignition coil is a basic repair procedure you can do at home with tools from your local AutoZone. That being said, many of today`s vehicles, especially with engines positioned sideways, can make testing/changing an ignition coil a bit more complicated.
Yes. You`ll get a misfire in that cylinder. If not fixed, the unburnt fuel air mixture may ignite and burn out of the cylinder into the exhaust manifold enough to overheat, then melt the catalytic converter(s). Just replace the coil packs.
Coils from a quality manufacturer are worth the extra money. They also will be a better fit and be very close to the electrical requirements of the engine. Cheap coils try to use as few designs as possible, and electrical input/output might vary substantially.
The ignition coil is a device which is capable of generating a high voltage pulse which goes to the spark plug. Coil pack refers to the set of coils used in the engine which do not run a distributor. A computer controls the set of coils. Each coil will supply power to the individual spark plug or a set of spark plugs.
Wear and tear is a common reason for ignition coils failing. It causes degrading of the insulation between the primary and secondary coil windings and the primary coil. The reduction in insulation can cause the coil to overheat.
Aftermarket ignition coils are never worth the extra few bucks in savings. In a few cases, you can get away with using a cheap universal aftermarket part as long as it doesn`t affect: The engine`s performance. The vehicle`s safety.
If your car uses a 12 volt battery, the 12 volts you put into the primary side of the coil will exit the secondary side as 30,000 volts!
The switch closes after and the spark is generated and the coil is recharged with energy from the battery. Because the spark time is small, on average the coil uses 2A, or 24W continuously.
1 Coil – 90 mtr or 295.29 Feet.
Inside an ignition coil there are two sets of wire windings (aka coils, that`s why it`s called a “coil,” get it?). The two windings—known as a primary set and a secondary set—surround an iron core. When battery current flows into the primary windings, it produces a magnetic field.
A coil with reversed polarity will have about a 20% lower output, which may not show up at idle and low rpms, but can cause an engine to miss or stumble under load and at higher engine rpms.

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how much should an ignition coil or ignition cost w parts and labor for a 1988 olsmobile 98 regency engine is a 3.8
ANSWER : Hi there:

If the quote you were given includes replacing both the ignition coil and module, then a price between $200 and $300 is a pretty fair estimate. If it’s one or the other, then a quote closer to $200 would be accurate for most private mechanics or local shops. Dealerships typically charge in excess of $400 for this repair in most cases.

I’m getting two ignition coils replaced on my 2007 Honda Fit and it will cost me 280 without labor. This sounds weird
ANSWER : Hi there. If your engine is stalling out on you and the shop has said that the issue is your ignition coils, try checking the coils and see if there is a spark coming out of them by removing the coil and putting a spark tester on it and checking for spark. If there is spark, then the ignition coils are working, but they could be weak. Adjust the spark tester to a gap of 60 and see if the spark is still emitting. If it does, then the ignition coils are good and the spark plugs maybe need replaced. If the engine is stalling out and there is spark but the coils are shutting down, then check the crankshaft position sensor to see if there is a loose contact or if the sensor is damaged. A crankshaft position sensor that is intermittently failing will cause the ignition coils to stop working at the time that the sensor is not working.

Before ruling out the ignition coils, be sure to check all the components of spark, air, and fuel with compression before having the coil replaced. Make sure that all of the sensors are functioning properly and that the engine oil is clean. If you need further assistance with your engine stalling out, then seek out a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, to help you.

I have no spark, no ignition, no current is going to the ignition coil. Could this be a Auto Shut-Down Relay?
ANSWER : The automatic shutdown (ASD) relay powers the coil and is turned on and off by the engine control module ECM. If you scan the engine and get a code 40, then you may have a bad ASD relay, but there is a pinpoint test to follow in order to reach this diagnosis. I suggest replacing the relay with a known good one to see if it starts and runs. If it still does not start, then there is a long pinpoint test to follow in order to diagnose your car’s trouble starting.

How much would it cost to convert a 98′ range rover from air suspension to spring suspension?
ANSWER : The cost of conversion varies depending in part on where you purchase the conversion kit from. I suggest finding a kit with all the components needed rather than piecing it together. Cost will also vary depending on the quality of the components. To get an idea of the cost to install, YourMechanic can provide you with a quote for a suspension springs replacement. You will need to enter information about your vehicle and your location. You may need to call our service line at 1-800-701-6230 to clarify the job you want us to do and to determine the final cost of labor. Many kits will state the time needed for installation.

How much does it cost for Camshaft cover and Valve cover gaskets, parts and labor?
ANSWER : Billing question sent to CS for the cost of replacing the valve cover and camshaft cover gaskets with the cost of labor on a 2008 Mercedes-Benz CLK350 with a V6-3.5L engine.

Check Engine Light is on – P0302 and P0304. Ignition coil recently replaced.
ANSWER : The two Diagnostic Trouble Codes, P0304 and P0302, refer to cylinder misfiring. A faulty ignition coil, spark plug, wire, and so forth can cause a cylinder to misfire but there are other possible causes, too. Consequently, the only way to determine the actual cause or faulty part is to perform an engine diagnostic during which each relevant part and system is tested.

If an obvious and common cause, such as a bad coil, is not immediately found during the diagnostic, these additional possible causes of engine misfiring would have to be evaluated: oxygen sensor(s), fuel injector, burned exhaust valve, catalytic converter(s), poor compression, clogged EGR valves or tubes, wrong ignition timing, vacuum leaks, low fuel or low fuel pressure, leaking head gasket, bad camshaft or crankshaft sensor, bad mass air flow or throttle position sensor, and defective computer (least likely cause).

I recommend having a certified mechanic, such as one from YourMechanic, come to your location to determine why the car is misfiring and suggest the necessary repairs.

How do I know the difference between a broken engine mount and an ignition coil that is shot?
ANSWER : Usually when the engine is vibrating while the vehicle is in a forward gear, it’s a good indicator that the motor mounts or bushings are damaged. However, over time, the throttle body on your vehicle might be clogged with excess carbon buildup, which can also produce the same symptoms. The best way to determine for sure which one is causing your issue, is to have a professional mechanic complete a vehicle is vibrating inspection. During this service, they’ll download any error codes that might indicate fuel related issues before checking the condition of the motor mounts. Hopefully this info will help you determine your issue. And thank you for working with kids with autism!

Hi Richard, I would like to check with you how much the labor would cost for changing 05 BMW X5 engine? Thanks.
ANSWER : The remove and replace labor time depends on the sub-model. The range is roughly 20 to 30 hours. As far as the parts cost, that depends on whether you want a brand new engine, a rebuilt engine, a used engine, or you want your existing engine rebuilt. Also, it would have to be determined whether related parts such as belts, the water pump and so forth are re-usable. If not, that adds to the cost. Engine replacement is not a standard YourMechanic offering although most YourMechanic staff are fully qualified to perform engine and transmission replacements and indeed perform complete rebuilds. Some YourMechanic professionals in certain locales would be willing to take on the project and you can simply inquire as to availability based on your locale. If you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to re-contact YourMechanic as we are always here to help you.