How many air bags does my car have?

How many air bags does my car have?
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Your vehicle has 10 air bags: frontal air bags for both the driver and the front seat passenger; knee air bags for both the driver and front seat passenger; seat-mounted side impact air bags for the driver, the front seat passenger, and both passengers in the rear outboard seats; and roof-rail air bags behind the driver and front passenger seat to protect all four outboard seats.

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The only car in its class with 10 standard air bags, the Cruze received an overall five-star safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the highest score possible.
Chevrolet Cruze LTZ AT comes with atleast 2 airbags. Check similar car details: Does Honda New City have safety airbags? Does Volkswagen Virtus have safety airbags?
How many airbags does my car have, and where are they located? Your vehicle has six airbags: frontal airbags for both the driver and the front passenger; seat-mounted side impact airbags for both the driver and the front passenger; and roof-rail airbags behind both front seats, to protect both rows of seating.
Ten Air Bags. 1 Standard on every Cruze, including frontal, front side-impact, roof rail-mounted head-curtain side-impact with rollover capability, outboard rear side-impact, and new knee air bags. OnStar®2 with Automatic Crash Response.
this is the Mercedes Maybach S-Class a car which costs.
The driver airbag is located in the steering wheel. The passenger airbag is located in the dashboard. Some manufacturers provide supplemental knee airbags, mounted lower. Knee airbags are intended to distribute impact forces to reduce leg injuries.
In terms of safety, the Fortuner comes with ABS with EBD, Vehicle Stability Control, 7 airbags, brake assist, and hill assist control.
“The latest safety rating reflects the confidence we have in its new and carry-over safety technologies and overall crashworthiness.” (The 2013 Cruze, which was the first compact car with 10 standard airbags, also has earned Top Safety Pick status from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.)
However, there are some cars which have 6 airbags. In such cars, the airbags are fitted inside the dashboard as well as behind A-B-C-body pillars.
1. The easiest way to check the state of airbags is to look at the instrument cluster of the vehicle. When you switch on the car, all lights and indicators on the cluster light up momentarily. Pay attention and look for the airbag indication so that you know what you should be looking at.
The Cruze comes standard with a long list of safety features, including advanced electronic stability control, anti-lock brakes, and a full complement of 10 airbags. There are knee-protection airbags for front passengers, side-impact airbags for rear passengers, and head-protection curtains with rollover deployment.
No matter which Cruze a buyer chooses, it comes with the most standard safety features in its class, including advanced electronic stability control, ABS, and a full compliment of 10 airbags.
Knee airbags: Affordable cars like the Dodge Dart, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Buick Verano and a whole slew of Chevrolets (like the Spark, Sonic, Impala, Malibu and Cruze) are offering 10 standard airbags, including driver and passenger knee airbags.
An airbag is a vehicle occupant-restraint system using a bag designed to inflate extremely quickly, then quickly deflate during a collision. It consists of the airbag cushion, a flexible fabric bag, an inflation module, and an impact sensor.
On average, one can expect to pay anywhere from $200-$800 per airbag module/assembly. However, this price only covers the cost of parts and excludes any labor. Installation alone will easily cost another $150-$300 per airbag.
Those mechanical airbag systems are less common now because they`re not precise enough. In today`s vehicles, if the car has been turned off for a while, the airbags won`t deploy if it gets hit; however, if the car is stationary but the engine is running, then the airbags will go off if the car gets hit, Beischel said.
An airbag costs ₹800, our effort is to ensure maximum safety.” Gadkari had previously highlighted how India ranks third in the list of countries with most number of road accidents.
Your front airbags are dual-stage airbags. This means they have two inflation stages that can be ignited sequentially or simultaneously, depending on crash severity. In a crash, both stages will ignite simultaneously to provide the quickest and greatest protection.
General Motors installed airbags in a fleet of 1973 Chevrolet Impalas—for government use only. The 1973 Oldsmobile Toronado was the first car with a passenger airbag sold to the public.
The chemical at the heart of the air bag reaction is called sodium azide, or NaN3. CRASHES trip sensors in cars that send an electric signal to an ignitor. The heat generated causes sodium azide to decompose into sodium metal and nitrogen gas, which inflates the car`s air bags.
The recommended tire pressure for a Chevy Cruze is between 30 and 35 pounds per square inch (PSI) for both front and rear tires depending on the model trim. Maintaining the correct air pressure in your car`s tires is crucial to driving safely and prolonging the lifespan of the tire itself.
There are two primary air filters in your 2013 Chevy Cruze. The engine air filter is located in the engine bay and is used to filter out adverse and unpredictable particles that may cause damage to your vehicle`s engine.
How many sensors does an airbag have? There are often two sensors or more in air-bag systems.
Airbags, also known as a Supplementary Resistance System (SRS), are hidden in small plastic flaps in various areas of the car, which can include the steering wheel, dashboard, ceiling, and seats.

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Car crash and SRS light
ANSWER : Hey there. It is likely that your front impact sensor was damaged during the frontal collision but not with enough force to deploy the air bags. There is a threshold for how hard a vehicle must be hit in order to deploy the airbags that is set by the manufacturer that may not have been met. When the SRS light is illuminated, this means that the air bags will not deploy in the event of an accident, even if it is hit hard enough. I would recommend having the frontal collision sensor inspected and replaced if necessary by the dealer or a professional who is proficient in air bag repair.

Will a missing air box resonator stop my car from going over 10mph?
ANSWER : Hi There,
The air box resonator missing should not impact the running condition of your vehicle at all. If the air box had cracks in it, this may have caused excess air to be injected into the intake system which may affect the reading of something called the mass air flow sensor which meters the air intake into the engine. When this is producing faulty readings or detects abnormal air intake, this may cause the jerking reactions you describe. The mass air flow sensor monitors air intake as it is mixed with fuel prior to being injected into the motor. This sensor relays vital information to the ECM which uses this to make adjustments to fuel supply to the motor. A dirty or faulty sensor can cause an imbalanced air/fuel load to be supplied to the motor which results in an over fueling or under fueling situation depending on the conditions. This type of inconsistent fuel supply to the motor may cause a hesitation, loss of power, a jerking reaction, potentially a bit of black exhaust smoke and typically a strong smell of fuel when this sensor is malfunctioning. I would suggest having a professional from Your Mechanic come to your home to diagnose and inspect your vehicle.

Intake air flow leaking. What makes this happen?
ANSWER : Hi there. When having the code P0171, the fuel system is too lean. This could be the fuel pump is not working, the fuel filter is dirty or plugged, or the injectors are plugged or not working properly. Check the fuel system and make sure that the fuel system is having a pressure of 35 psi or higher. Also, check the spark plugs and look for any burn marks. This would indicate that the spark is hotter than normal and the fuel system needs cleaned or repaired.

For the intake air flow leak, check the intake for any vacuum leaks on both sides of the throttle. Check all of the hoses from the air cleaner box to the throttle and check the manifold and all vacuum line including the brake booster line for any leaks. Put a vacuum hose on the engine and see what the engine vacuum is at idle. The vacuum should be 17 hg to 22 hg on the gauge. If there is a vacuum less that that, then there is a leak. If you need further assistance with your fuel system and a vacuum leak, then seek out a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, to help you.

everytime I turn my car on the ac starts to blow air even if I switch it off. it won’t blow cold air or heat.
ANSWER : Hi there. Based on your question and input, it looks like your AC control switches are damaged, causing the vents to activate even if the switch is not activated. This is sometimes an electrical problem, as it could be triggered by a damaged electrical relay. You might want to have a professional mechanic complete an AC is not working inspection, so they can determine what is causing this issue you’re experiencing and recommend the right repair.

I put the wrong key in my car and a few weeks later my car just shut down and it will not start I believe it’s the computer but…
ANSWER : Hi there. What had happened is the wrong key set the security to the vehicle. This is to prevent the vehicle from starting with the wrong keys. Try removing the battery cables (+) and (-) for 13 minutes. During that time, put the original key in the ignition and turn it on. Activate everything in the car even though there is no power. Then remove the key and hook up the battery cables. The computer should have reset and reset the security. If the security is still being tripped, then I recommend seeking out a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, to help you

When I turn on my AC the radiator fans do not turn on. The fans do come on when the car warms up so I know they are working and the fuses are good. The AC compressor does come on and the air blows ice cold when the car is moving. Car is a 2006 Chrysler Sebring Sedan 2.7l v6.
ANSWER : The control circuit for the fans needs to be checked. For example, there is usually a condenser fan relay in the A/C electrical controls. There could be a fault with that relay and/or wiring problems, perhaps even just a loose connection, blown or loose fuse, and so forth. To resolve something like this, the recommended service is an electrical component diagnostic. If you request that diagnostic service, the responding certified mechanic will get the problem pinpointed and resolved. If you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to re-contact YourMechanic as we are always here to help you.

My car AC blows cold air when the car is moving but when I’m at a red right it starts blowing warm air.
ANSWER : When the car is moving, versus stopped, there is more air flow over the condenser (the heat exchanger in front of the radiator) and that airflow is essential to system operation. To maintain airflow when the car is in stop and go traffic, or is completely stopped, condenser fans will come on automatically. If the fans don’t come on, the circumstance you have could occur. You might also have a low state of refrigerant charge. Other possibilities are that the compressor clutch is not cycling as intended or that the condenser might be blocked or dirty. And, of course, you could have a combination of these issues. To get this resolved, the best thing to do is request an air conditioning system inspection. The responding certified mechanic will come to your location, pinpoint the fault and get this resolved for you. Once diagnosed, the mechanic will be in a position to give you a repair strategy to get the A/C system fully functioning and he or she will estimate the cost of the required repair. If you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to re-contact YourMechanic as we are always here to help you.

A question regarding my car blowing intermittently hot and cold air.
ANSWER : It sounds like you have failed cooling fans. When the car is at idle, the fans should run to pull air across the A/C condenser to regulate refrigerant temperatures and the radiator to regulate coolant temperature. If these fans fail, then these components will receive no airflow at idle, but will still get airflow while driving due to the car moving. I would suggest having a qualified technician, such as one from YourMechanic, inspect your fan operation, as well as the rest of the cooling system for proper operation.