How do you open the gas cap?

How do you open the gas cap?
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Your car is equipped with a locking fuel door to prevent anyone but you from removing the gas cap (for fuel siphoning). Here’s how to open the fuel door and get the gas cap off:

Make sure you’re stopped.
Roll up all the windows to prevent gas fumes from entering the car.
Turn the engine off and remove the key from the ignition (or turn the engine start/stop switch to off).
Locate the fuel door lever on the floorboard of the driver side.
Pull up on the lever to open the fuel door.
Outside the car, pull open the fuel door completely.
Unscrew the gas cap and place it in the holder on the back of the fuel door.
Fuel your car (don’t top off the tank).
Replace the fuel cap and turn it until it clicks.
Close the fuel door. Press on it to make sure it is latched securely.


Only use unleaded gas with an octane rating of 87 or higher.
Never use diesel as this can damage your engine.

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In most cases, you will notice a removable flap on the inner side of the boot – it will be located on the same side as the fuel lid. Open this flap, access a knob and turn it as indicated to release the fuel lid.
Causes of a jammed/stuck fuel door:

Damaged release cable – In most vehicles, a cable runs from your fuel door lever to the fuel cap door. If this cable snaps or becomes loose, there will be no connection and the fuel door will not open. It will need to be replaced in order to open your fuel door.

You Do Not Have a Locking Fuel Door

If your car does have a locking fuel door, then there is little to no need for a locking fuel cap. This is because it would take a dedicated thief to get past the fuel door and if someone is that dedicated, then a locking fuel cap is not likely to stop them.

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What’s going on when gas is constantly slowly leaking from where the gas cap is and the cap was not under pressure when opening?
ANSWER : It is possible the tank was filled too much, that is the gas pump did not shut down when it should. Even if gasoline was not filled right to the top, thermal expansion can later cause the gas to overflow if the tank gets warmer and pressure builds. The too high level will subside quickly as all you have to do is drive 25 miles or so to lose a gallon. If you believe there is a leak or other issue, a certified Mechanic from YourMechanic can perform a leak inspection during a mobile visit.

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The gas cap on my car broke off. (The black knob you use to screw in the gas cap.) The gas cap is stuck securely in the fuel neck. How can I remove it?
ANSWER : Hi there. To remove the gas cap that broke off, get a pair of needle nose pliers and use it to remove the gas cap. Try to locate a part of the gas cap that you can grab with the needle nose pliers and turn the gas cap as if you were to take it off. You may need needle nose vice grips for a stronger hold. If you need further assistance with your vehicle, then seek out a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, to help you with removing the broken gas cap.

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Gas cap notification and check engine light came on after getting gas. Car started to sputter and stall out.
ANSWER : Hi there. When the fuel cap is not securely fastened to the tank, it can create vacuum issues inside the tank; which triggers the error code to be stored in the ECU. The error will then trigger the check engine light until that code is reset by a professional digital scanner. If you’re still having sputtering or stalling issues, you should contact a professional mechanic to complete an engine sputtering inspection. This will allow them to diagnose what’s causing this problem and reset any error codes to hopefully correct the issue your Chrysler 300 is experiencing.

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I have a 2014 Chevrolet impala my gas cap has a yellow gas cap and says E85… Will it be ok to put that in my gas tank with unlea
ANSWER : Hello, yes, it is ok to put unleaded gas as well as E-85 fuel in your vehicle. The vehicle has the ability by way of the computer to calculate the type of fuel and control fuel ratio to get the best operation.

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My gas cap will not open. I can get a new cap but how do I get the current one off?
ANSWER : Hi there. Unfortunately, there is no black & white step for removing a broken gas cap. If the gas cap is stripped or spinning around, it has to be carefully drilled out. This should be completed by a professional mechanic to avoid mistakes and debris falling into the fuel cell. If you live in one of our service areas, one of our professional mobile mechanics can come to your location and complete the gas cap replacement.

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Punctured a Hole In the Material Around the Gas Cap
ANSWER : You should have a mechanic like one from YourMechanic inspect damages and needed repairs to the fuel fill neck. The fuel inlet will need to be replaced if it is leaking any fumes. The leak will also cause the computer to store codes for the leak. You may need to have the entire fuel fill neck replaced and the computer scanned then any codes cleared.

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My gas cap light keeps coming on. It won’t click when I turn it, so I bought a new cap. New cap won’t click closed either. What co
ANSWER : If you need a gas cap, especially if you are trying to resolve what you believe might be a cap related fault, use an OEM (dealer supplied) cap. Using a genuine OEM cap of the design supplied when the car was built is the only way you can guarantee that a replacement cap (even if "new") is not still a, or "the", problem. Aftermarket caps are often not identical to the OEM caps. Once you have a genuine OEM cap, if the cap is not clicking once tightened, there could be a problem with the threads on the fuel filler neck or other filler neck defect that will have to be resolved. I recommend that you request a gas cap inspection/diagnostic. A certified Mechanic, dispatched by YourMechanic right to your location, would then get this resolved for you. If you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to re-contact YourMechanic as we are always here to help you.

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Fuel tether turns with gas cap, causing the gas door (flap) to close.
ANSWER : Hello there, a few common faults will cause your 2004 Hyundai Sonata to have issues removing the gas cap. In cold weather the gas cap seal can become stuck, this will allow the gas cap to turn but not fully release. When this occurs the gas cap is usually found to be faulty. Other possible faults are excessive vacuum in the EVAP system, or damaged cap threads. A qualified Technician such as one from YourMechanic will be able to inspect your gas cap and replace it if needed.

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