How do I use the sunvisor?

How do I use the sunvisor?
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The sun visor is a safety feature that can help keep sunlight and glare out of your eyes. There is a sunvisor above both the driver’s and the front passenger’s seat. To use the sunvisor, simply unfold it towards the windshield.

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A window shield is a protective material that fits inside of vehicles on the dashboard. Another name for this is a sunshade. It`s used to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your car by absorbing UV rays from the sun.
A couple things to keep in mind: Fit: Make sure that any replacement sun visor you purchase is designed to fit your specific make and model. The packaging or product description should tell you the year models it is designed to work with. Color: Your car`s sun visors are colored to accentuate the interior color scheme.
There are several variants of car sun shade types. Typically, sun shields are made of a layer of mylar or aluminum foil which covers the inside of the car`s windows, to reflect the sun`s rays away, and preventing the interior from being exposed to those rays.
Typically, if a visor isn`t staying in place on a fixed mount, it`s an issue with the clips on the mounting bar that old the visor in place. To repair a loose visor on a fixed mount, simply tighten all of the screws holding the bar to the roof of the car and double check the visor clips.
A good car sun cover or shade can reduce cabin and dashboard temperatures by about 8% to 25%. That may not seem like much, but a 25% reduction in heat and the elimination of direct sun exposure to soft-touch plastics is significant.
Most modern cars have two sun visors, one for the driver`s side and a second for the passenger`s side, with the rear-view mirror often mounted in between the two sun visors. Each visor can be lowered to help block light from the sun entering through the windshield.
Lower the interior temperature: Blocking and reflecting the sun helps lower the buildup of heat inside your car. This makes it easier to breathe when you first enter the vehicle. Blocking direct sunlight also prevents you from burning yourself when you touch the seatbelt, steering wheel and gear shifter.
There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to whether a visor should go over or under your hair. Some people prefer to wear their visors over their hair so that their hair does not get in the way when they are trying to see.
It is important to install the sunshade properly to make sure that it works as intended. In general, the reflective or shiny surface should face outward and non-reflective models should have the black side facing inside the vehicle, toward the seats.
A good car sun cover or shade can reduce cabin and dashboard temperatures by about 8% to 25%. That may not seem like much, but a 25% reduction in heat and the elimination of direct sun exposure to soft-touch plastics is significant.

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If you run into any issues, feel free to contact YourMechanic, as one of our mobile technicians can come to your home or office to service your vehicle.

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How do I use the sunvisor extension?
ANSWER : The sunvisor extension can be used to increase the length of the sunvisor, to offer extra protection against sunlight and glare. When the sunvisor is folded down, simply pull on the extension to pull it out and extend the visor. Push the extension back into the visor before folding the sunvisor up.

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