How do I turn on the heated mirrors?

How do I turn on the heated mirrors?
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The heated mirrors feature allows your mirrors to be heated up, which can dispel of moisture or frost, and increase your visibility. To turn on the heated mirrors, press the rear window defogger button on your center console.

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Electric exterior mirrors are fitted with a heating element that will defrost or demist the mirror glass. They automatically turn on when you switch the heated rear window on.
This is a Door Mirror Defrost Indicator symbol. It is seen when the mirror defroster is active or switched on. It appears in yellow/amber like a square with wavy lines and arrows pointing up inside, connected to a half moon.
The 2017 Chevy Cruze Premier

Convenient Upgrades – Drivers can enjoy heated power mirrors with added turn signal indicators, as well as 17-inch aluminum wheels, leather-appointed seats, heated front seats and steering wheel, and remote vehicle starter.

People were quick to inform them that the button is used for auto-dimming and will only work at night. According to the Mazda website, the auto-dimming feature is “really quite simple”. They explain: “When auto-dimming is turned on, your rear-view mirror will automatically darken in order to reduce headlight glare.
With automatic start activated, heating will be turned on when there is a risk of ice or condensation on the windows or mirrors. Heating is automatically switched off when the window or door mirror is sufficiently warm and the condensation or ice is gone.
To break down how heated mirrors can benefit you: They`re a proven safety feature during the winter. They can also help keep your visibility clear in the rain. They`re easy to turn on and off from the comfort of your cab.
Mirror heating reduces condensation in cold weather and prevents icing-up of the mirrors. The exterior mirrors are heated automatically upon vehicle start when the outside temperature is low or when the rear defrost function is activated.
A hot mirror is a specialized dielectric mirror, a dichroic filter, often employed to protect optical systems by reflecting infrared light back into a light source, while allowing visible light to pass.
The feature, which looks like a power button, is the modern update to an old manual feature that many drivers are unaware of. The auto-dimming design has proven to be useful when driving in the dark, as the rearview mirror adjusts to avoid headlight glare from other cars driving behind.
A hot mirror is a specialized dielectric mirror, a dichroic filter, often employed to protect optical systems by reflecting infrared light back into a light source, while allowing visible light to pass.
This is commonly caused by either an electrical malfunction inside the switch or an issue between the switch and the electrical relay that sends a signal to the motor that operates the mirror.

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With regard to your air conditioning system, if merely re-charging the system restored normal operation but the a/c ceased to function after a month or so, that scenario typically suggests a leak. Some leaks are really cheap to repair, like if a couple o-rings need to be replaced in system piping but if the leak is at the compressor shaft seal, that repair is more costly. It is not expensive to find the leak and diagnose the system and once the leak is found the mechanic can let you know of the exact cost to repair the leak and re-charge the system. If you desire that service please request an a/c system diagnostic – suspected refrigerant leak and the responding certified mechanic will get this taken care of for you. If you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to re-contact YourMechanic as we are always here to help you

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