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My 10A fuse does not fit in the slot. Under the hood. I'm trying to add a 10A for my steering wheel heater. I noticed it was empty. I made sure I looked at the fuse diagram and that is the same slot. When I plug in 10a fuse into slot, it is loose, like it doesn't lock in like the other fuses. I tried other 10a slots and the same 10a fuse does fit and lock into place. What should I do?
My car has an automatic transmission.
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Hi there – from your description, it sounds like there is no electrical socket in the fuse block in this position. Manufacturers used to include wiring for all possible options when the vehicle was built – using a single wiring harness for all vehicles. This is (mostly) no longer the case, they can create different wiring harnesses at lower cost. Using a flashlight and voltmeter, make sure there is a fuse socket in the location you have targeted, and that one side or the other of the socket has 12 volts to it. Then you can add wiring for the accessory you wish to power up. Make sure the wire you use has a higher current capacity than the fuse rating so you do not overheat the wiring and risk fire damage. Good luck!

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The secondary under-hood fuse box is next to the battery.
It`s important to replace the fuse with another of the same size, type, rating, and amperage. Never replace a blown fuse with one of a higher amperage, which can be dangerous or can cause damage to your electrical panel wiring.
Never replace a fuse with one rated for a higher current.
Can you put a 20 amp fuse in a 15 amp slot? No. Here if the current flows is between 15–20 amp, which is more than the rating of slot so fuse should operate but its a 20 amp fuse so it will not operate.
The fuse box is powered directly by the battery. The wires from the fuse box connected to the vehicle components that need protection. The fuses consist of a wire conductor that breaks when the current exceeds the ampere limit. The ampere limit is usually defined on each fuse along with different colour codes.
Where is the AC Fuse Located? The AC fuse on most HVAC systems is typically on the unit`s control board. You`ll normally find the board behind an access panel on the unit`s lower compartment. While you sometimes have to unscrew areas to access the control board, others have clips.
In some vehicles, there are two fuse boxes. A heavy-duty fuse box is placed under the hood to protect headlight and AC wiring while a smaller fuse box is installed inside the vehicle to protect accessory wiring.
Most vehicles are equipped with two fuse boxes. One is located in the engine compartment and is used to protect engine components such as the cooling system, anti-lock brake pump, and the engine control unit.
Fuses should have a current rating that is slightly higher than the standard operating current of the device. This means that the fuse will not blow and trip the circuit in the event of a low, harmless surge.
Not all car fuses are the same, and most cars have multiple fuses of varying sizes for different electrical components. When you are replacing a car fuse, it is essential to replace the blown fuse with a new one of the same type and size. You should also never replace a blown fuse with one of a higher amperage rating.
The purpose of the fuse in a mains plug

For equipment protection, rely on the internal fuse the manufacturer fitted into the equipment. This will be a fuse of about 180mA to 500mA for preamps, CD players streamers etc. and a 1.5A to 3.15A fuse for power amps.

The most straightforward is to inspect the fuse itself, where the amperage rating is typically noted on or near the top of the fuse. The second is to check the fuse diagram in the vehicle, to understand which fuse type is in each slot.

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Passenger seat heater not working properly.
ANSWER : Hello and thank you for contacting YourMechanic. The book says that you can use a 15, 20, 25, or 30 amp fuse. The power to the heaters are operated through the wiring to the main harness. There could have been a wire tied into it to make the seat work on the same circuit as the driver seat. This is common to find in the vehicles.

You can try putting a 15 amp fuse in the slot and see if the seat works. Try to avoid using a high amp fuse for if there is a problem with the heater you don’t want to burn it. If nothing seems to work, then the heater in the seat has failed and needs replaced.

If you need further assistance troubleshooting your vehicle, then seek out a technician, such as one from Your Mechanic, that can assist you with a seat inspection at your home or office. Best of luck.

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Moisture in fuse box causes fuel pump fuse malfunction
ANSWER : For this, Silicone spray is one tool I personally like to use especially on rubber or silicone seals. The spray will leave a water-tight film on the electrical component and offers a moisture resistant coating. If you would like to have this checked, an expert, like one from YourMechanic can come to your car’s location to inspect the electrical system in order to scope the problem out and pinpoint any problems.

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Car blows ecm run/start fuse after starting and then dies replaced fuse and repeats
ANSWER : Hi there. Typically when this issue occurs, damage will be instant – meaning if it’s going to damage the ECU, replacing the fuses would not help start the vehicle. So, at first glance, I would assume the ECU is OK. What is more likely is that you have an exposed wire somewhere that is causing the fuses to pop. Trying to diagnose these issues can be tricky sometimes, so it might be a good idea to have a professional mechanic complete an electrical problems inspection to isolate why you’re having these issues and recommend the right repairs.

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Engine Fuse Box
ANSWER : Yes, you should replace the entire fuse box. The reason for this is that it is quite likely that when the box burned other connections inside the fuse box were also damaged. This will in fact affect the vehicle starting as well. I would suggest having an expert from YourMechanic come to your home to diagnose your starting issue and replace your fuse box if necessary.

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FORD CMAX Fuse question. 2014 Ford C-Max
ANSWER : Hello,
Ford (and other manufacturers as well) usually offer the small, specialized electrical parts for repairs such as you describe. Check with www.fordparts.com for your specific needs. For assistance with this project, I would recommend an electrical system problem inspection by a mobile, professional mechanic, such as one from YourMechanic, who will come to your location, diagnose this problem, give you an accurate assessment of damage and cost estimate for repairs.

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I got a code P0191 for the fuel rail pressure and a code P0237 for turbocharger boost.
ANSWER : Hi there. When the battery was arched, the power surge had went through the vehicle and caused some circuits to fail. If right after the power surge happened and now you have a code for the fuel pressure and the turbo, I recommend replacing the fuel pressure sensor on the fuel rail and the barometric sensor on the intake. This should take care of the idle issue and the cut outs along with any problems with performance issues. If you need further assistance with your engine stalling after arching the battery, then seek out a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, to help you.

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Cant find the 33rd fuse in fuse box for drivers power seat
ANSWER : Hello, thank you for writing in. There are two fuse boxes located on the vehicle. One is under the hood in the main fuse box. It controls and protects the engine components. The other fuse box is located inside the cab of the car. This interior fuse box controls the components inside the cab, which includes the radio, windows, seats, and other driver controls. It is located below and to the left of the steering wheel. You will find fuse 33 there, and it too will have a diagram on the cover to show you which fuse it is.

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A fuse keeps blowing on my 2005 Dodge Dakota and I don’t know if it’s my wiring or the fuse box itself
ANSWER : Hi there. If there is a fuse that is blowing then that means that you have a short circuit. That can be anyplace in the electrical system which also includes the fuse box. I would need to know which fuse it is in order to know which circuit it is in. At that point the circuit can be fully tested. If you need to have this done, consider YourMechanic, as a certified mechanic can come to you to [diagnose why the fuse keeps blowing] https://www.yourmechanic.com/services/fuse-replacement

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