Error code P0075

I am getting an error code P0075.
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Hello. Code P0075 is IVT solenoid control valve. This valve is what’s used to advance and retard the intake camshaft. The valve and electrical system should be tested for an accurate recommendation. You may need the aid of a mechanic with a scanner to see data and see what the valve is doing. The mechanic may need to perform some electrical testing to give a proper recommendation.

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P0075 is a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) for “Intake Valve Control Solenoid Circuit (Bank 1)“. This can happen for multiple reasons and a mechanic needs to diagnose the specific cause for this code to be triggered in your situation.
Bank 1 refers to the side of the engine where cylinder #1 is located. In most vehicles, the intake valve control solenoid is usually found on the intake manifold side of the cylinder head.
Bank 2 is typically found on the passenger side on the engine block. The solenoid should be located near the intake side on the engine head. Variable valve timing is an important feature on modern engines. This system uses the ECM to control the intake and exhaust valve solenoids to change valve timing.
The intake valve control solenoid is part of the system that controls variable valve timing on many modern engines. The variable valve timing gives much better fuel economy and aids in acceleration. As such, this is a critical component of modern engines.
How Serious Is the Code P0075? This issue is critical and can lead to damages in your car. Please clear it first, drive your car for a couple of days. If the issue reappears, Carly recommends to fix your car to resolve this issue.
Solenoid valves used in oil and gas applications are designed to control the direction of fuel gas, liquid propane, and other grades of fuel oil used in combustion applications like industrial boilers, furnaces, incinerators, and ovens. The valve can shut off the gas or oil supply remotely.
A failed solenoid may be debilitating for your machinery or manufacturing process but, thankfully, it`s a part that you can often easily repair or replace once you`ve identified the root of the problem.
P0750 is a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) for “Shift Solenoid `A` Malfunction”. This can happen for multiple reasons and a mechanic needs to diagnose the specific cause for this code to be triggered in your situation.
A solenoid control valve has two main components: a solenoid on top and the valve system on the bottom. The electromagnetism caused by currents moves the plunger either up or down to pinch and control the flow. A solenoid control valve is either “normally closed” or “normally open.”
Valve-related failures are often due to factors such as detonation, poor quality or defective parts, over-revving the engine, or not setting or maintaining proper valve lash. These can contribute to or even cause valve failures, but so can sloppy machining tolerances.
…the typical four-stroke-cycle engine, the intake and exhaust valves and the fuel-injection nozzle are located in the cylinder head (see figure).
The P0753 code indicates that the shift solenoid in transmission shift solenoid A, which changes the gears based off commands from the powertrain control module (PCM) or transmission control module (TCM), has an electrical abnormality of some kind.
The trouble code P2681 can be defined as Engine Coolant Bypass Valve Control Circuit/Open. This error code would indicate that an error has been detected in the engine coolant bypass valve control circuit by the powertrain control module. The P2681 trouble code would give to the illumination of the check engine light.
When you have a bad starter solenoid, the starter motor won`t work. This means the engine won`t start when you turn on the starter switch or press the start button. However, if your vehicle has an automatic transmission, the engine could sometimes not crank because of the neutral safety switch.
Voltage testing

Rotate the multimeter dial and set it to measure AC (V~) or DC (V…) voltage. Note the results. If the solenoid is operating normally, the multimeter reads a voltage that matches the rated voltage of the valve; otherwise, the coil is faulty and needs to be replaced.

In some cases, the motor may run (not very well) with a broken or damaged variable valve timing solenoid, however it will likely not run for long due to the critical role the VVT solenoid plays in the timing of the motor.
Common signs include a rough engine idle, the Check Engine Light coming on, and the engine stumbling when climbing hills or under load.
Manual Reset Solenoid Valves

This is what is known as Manual Reset. To cause the valve to change from its rest state, the coil must be energised and the lever or knob pulled to the fully open position. If the valve is energised without the manual intervention, it will not open.

If you suspect that your solenoid valves are bad or that they are going bad, you need to take your car to a mechanic as soon as possible. You cannot drive a vehicle with bad solenoid valves as the transmission is not going to be able to function properly and is not going to be safe.
The P0750 code indicates that the shift solenoid, which is one of the devices that controls the flow of transmission fluid within the unit, has malfunctioned in some way.
Electric valves are used to both regulate and switch systems such as fan coil ends. Solenoid is more suitable for specific requirements such as leaks and also while dealing with special fluids. Electric valves are used to simulate either liquid, gaseous or wind systems piping through AI controls.
They do not require external pressure or a supplementary actuator to operate. Direct-acting solenoid valves can open or close even when there is no pressure difference across valves. The plunger will move in response to the electromagnetic field created by energizing the solenoid.
Globe valves and needle valves are standard designs used for flow control. Unidirectional flow control valves control the flow in one direction but permit free flow in the other direction. Pressure-compensated flow control valves are also manufactured.
In the case of a pump down system, the thermostat or the superior controller switches the solenoid valve upstream of the expansion valve. The compressor continues to pump down refrigerant until it is shut off by a low pressure switch. This reduces the amount of liquid in the evaporator.

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The TPS error code P0123 appears only when the AC is on
ANSWER : Hello. The low charge in the A/C system is going to cause the A/C compressor to work harder than it should. This will put a greater load on the engine and may cause your throttle position sensor to give a bad reading. Have a certified technician set the A/C system to the proper levels and see if the P0123 code continues. Having the throttle body cleaned may also help fix this problem. If you need help with this, a certified technician from YourMechanic can come to your car’s location to diagnose the code more thoroughly in order to have this corrected.

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Check Engine Light is on – codes P0313, P0299, P0304
ANSWER : Hi there. Based on what you’ve described, this could be a combination of faults between 2 or more things; however, I don’t believe the coils and spark plugs are at fault. One of the codes is set during a low fuel misfire (lean condition), one is specifying a misfire on cylinder 4, and one is a turbo related code; all based on a generic code investigation.

The make and model of the vehicle helps, but is not necessary at the moment. When a low fuel pressure misfire is set, there is a lean condition that has been detected by the sensors and one of the codes is telling us in which cylinder this is occurring. A possibility is a restricted fuel injector, loose injector harness, poor pin fit in the wire harness, and an air leak near that cylinder’s port in the intake manifold.

I’m leaning more towards a leak or crack somewhere creating an air leak since we also have a turbo related code stored and an intermittent rough start when cold. I strongly suggest having a qualified technician perform an inspection to determine the root cause. YourMechanic has several available technicians that can assist you with a Check Engine Light inspection and determine exactly what is giving rise to codes P0313, P0299, and P0304.

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Camshaft position sensor error code P0343
ANSWER : Hello. The P0343 code indicates there is no signal from the passenger side cam position sensor (Bank 1 actually). Given you have changed the sensor, this would suggest a wiring or connector issue. Your mileage would also make me anxious about timing chain guides, tensioner and timing chain – a chronic maintenance item on BMW V8s with this sort of mileage. While the timing chain service is a bit expensive, the alternative is even more so. I recommend having a certified technician from YourMechanic to thoroughly inspect the Check Engine Light and proceed with the appropriate repair.

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I have a Code P0601 on the PCM. I replaced the PCM, and now I have a code P0118, code P0123, and code P0193.
ANSWER : Hi there, the short answer to your question is no . A PCM with a P0601 (which is a memory module error in the PCM) cannot reliably retrieve codes for the codes you list (P0118 – coolant temp sensor, P0123 – throttle position sensor, P0193 – fuel rail pressure sensor.

Most likely, the P0601 prevents the PCM from getting any codes from the engine sensors. The memory module error may cause in data corruption for collected sensor values, lose of data over multiple sampling periods, or failure of the data collection to work at all. Replacing the PCM was a necessary expense.

If you need assistance with the "new" codes, I would recommend having a Check Engine Light inspection completed by a mobile, professional mechanic, such as one from YourMechanic, to diagnose the new error codes and get an accurate assessment of the repairs needed.

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P0113 error code: related to stall while in drive? caused by error when changing air filter? 2011 Dodge Durango
ANSWER : Hello – yes, replacing the air filter could cause the P0113 – intake air temp sensor high circuit condition. The intake air sensor is located in the plastic intake housing that leads to and contains the air filter, so it could have been left disconnected, or damaged in some fashion. If the engine computer does not have a valid signal from the intake air temperature sensor, it will miscalculate the amount of fuel needed for the engine, which could lead to an over-rich or over-lean condition, and stalling. If you wish for a 2nd opinion than your original mechanic, I would recommend an engine stalling inspection by a mobile, professional mechanic, such as one from YourMechanic, who will come to your location, diagnose this problem, give you an accurate assessment of damage and cost estimate for repairs.

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Can error codes be reset by performing a quick reset
ANSWER : I am guessing that the Mazda dealership may have a way of retrieving trouble codes from a source other than the OBD-II connector if they offered you that service. As for the system not working properly after you used a mechanic other than the dealership, this could be due to the fact that your previous mechanic may have tampered with your diagnostic service connector.

It may be possible for you to locate this connector in your vehicle and check the wiring nearby for any visual damages or tampering. This connector is usually located under the driver side kick panel and the wiring associated with it is fairly easy to see. Starting with an inspection of the OBD-II connector for damages would be my best recommendation. Also, simply erasing the trouble codes may not solve whatever other issues you are having and could cause the Check Engine Light to come back on. You should have the Check Engine Light thoroughly diagnosed and have the issues addressed properly in order to resolve the trouble codes and avoid further damage that could cost even more time and money in the long-run.

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It threw a code 21 , throttle position sensor bad code. i replaced it and the code went away but i still have no spark.
ANSWER : Hello and thank you for contacting YourMechanic. The problems that you are encountering with your vehicle, could be caused by the harness to the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) or the computer itself.

Check the harness to the TPS for any debris or any corrosion. Hook up a paperclip to the harness and turn on the key. Use a multimeter and check for voltage at the pins of the harness. Make sure that the ground on the sensor is grounded and has no resistance. If you find that the harness is having too much resistance, then I recommend having the main engine harness replaced. If you have replaced the harness and still have the same problems, then the computer will need to be flashed or replaced.

I recommend having a professional, like one from YourMechanic, come to your home to diagnose your car’s no start condition before replacing any parts.

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Can i retrieve CEL code from car … forgot what code it hade in my car .. put headgasket sealer and i erase the code ..
ANSWER : Once a trouble code is erased, it cannot be retrieved. The engine controller does not have a "recycle bin" like they have on Windows. If the car still has a problem, the code will come back up after some driving. However, the controller will not turn on the CEL until it has seen the malfunction on two separate "trips." A "trip" is a driving cycle where the car is started cold, driven until it is fully warm and through a certain number of accelerations, and shut down. So you might not see the CEL for a couple of days. As for the "head gasket sealer," I wouldn’t hold out too much hope of that solving a problem. At the very best it might put off the symptoms for a short while. If you need help interpreting codes that come up, or solving a head gasket issue, contact Your Mechanic. They can send a technician to your home or office to read the codes on your car and help you decide what to do.

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