CV axle damaged

My rear passenger's side CV axle was noisy, so I bought a new one. While trying to fix it myself, I might have dislocated the internal CV joint. And I can't put it all back either.
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Hello. If your new CV joint has come apart internally, the CV boot would need to be removed, and the dislocated part needs to be put back together. You should be able to take the new CV joint back and get another one from the part store, without them charging you again. I suggest that you have a certified technician assist you in replacing the CV joint properly.

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Clicking While Turning

The rubber boot on the CV Axle Joint protects the joint that allows the wheel to turn. If that boot is damaged, it could affect your turning. If you suddenly hear loud clicking while turning- whether just in one direction or in all directions– that is a good indication of a blown CV joint.

Yes, you can temporarily drive on a broken CV axle.

While you technically can drive with a broken CV axle, doing so will only cause the joint to further disintegrate—and you risk getting into an accident. As you drive, you may notice the vehicle pulling in one direction.

The Constant Velocity Axle, or CV Axle, connects your wheels to the transaxle or transmission, allowing your vehicle to drive. CV axles have inner and outer joints with a “boot” on each end. CV axle failures are usually caused by a broken or leaking boot, which is often followed by failing bearings in a joint.
Bad or damaged engine mounts will cause the cv axle to keep breaking, overloading vehicles beyond its capacity and stress the axles with large bumps and potholes also will damage the cv joint too. Another way drivers can put their CV parts at greater risk is by adding lift kits to their vehicle.
With the parking brake enabled, raise the front of the car. From here, you can check the axles at the point of their inner and outer joints. An immediate sign of concern is whether or not the CV boots are damaged or cracked. You might also see or feel a lot of grease.
If you drive a car with a damaged CV, the joint will disintegrate further, making driving impossible. You`ll not be able to control the vehicle and may get involved in an accident.
CV axle boots last for quite some time (80,000 miles) and are not items needing periodic replacement. But you absolutely should inspect them at least once a year, or even more often on cars with high mileage. They are most affected by prolonged off-road driving or heavy use in transportation-industry conditions.
If your CV joints ever fail completely, the car will suddenly not be able to accelerate, since it won`t have the means to transfer torque to the drive shaft or the wheels.
You`ll notice some braking issues once your bent axle starts going bad. The brake pads will begin to shift and become misaligned with the wheels and rotors, and once that happens, you may notice the vehicle skids or slips to a stop. Over time, the brakes will eventually cease to function at all.
CV axles can last a long time but will eventually wear out. If CV joints fail, the effect is immediate and sometimes dangerous, since power will no longer transfer from the engine to the tires.
A broken axle shaft will require a serious repair. If your axle shaft breaks, it can cause all sorts of problems for your transmission system.
Again, because axles carry the weight of the vehicle, excessive stress and force caused by bumps in the road or potholes can cause axles to break.
Oftentimes, the axle break is sudden and visible, i.e. you can see the broken axle hanging down from underneath your car and the wheels are off-center. There have been times, however, when a driver was able to continue to drive on a broken axle because the crack was not severe.
Things that can break your vehicle`s axle include poor maintenance; an auto accident; hitting curbs, potholes, or bumps too hard; and overloading your vehicle beyond its weight-bearing capacity. The axle is responsible for transferring the engine`s power and transmission`s torque to the wheels.
The most common sign of a broken axle is that your tires won`t rotate. This might happen suddenly if your axle breaks while you`re driving, or it might happen when you`re trying to accelerate from a stop. No matter how much power and torque you try to send to the axle, it cannot rotate the wheels because it`s broken.
A telltale sign that your vibration may be caused by a faulty CV joint is if you also hear a clicking or clunking noise when turning. Also known as engine mounts, motor mounts hold your car`s engine in place.

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Will a bad wheel bearing damage the CV joints, or will bad CV joints damage the wheel bearing? Honda Accord lax 2006
ANSWER : Any bad part in the drive train can put additional stress on other parts. I could probably draw a line from a bad wheel bearing to a bad CV joint. Not so much the other way. However, it might seem that way because the parts have a similar life span. Once one part fails, the others may come soon after. If your car really only has 45000 miles it seems a little soon for either one to be failing unless you are living and driving in bad northern winters. If your car is making sounds in either the CV or the wheel bearings, you can have it checked out at your convenience by contacting Your Mechanic. They can send a technician to your home or office to check out your Honda and tell you what it may need.

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Can a leaky CV axle seal ruin a CV axle?
ANSWER : The oil leak itself may not necessarily ruin the CV axle, however if the oil leak progresses to a point where the CV joint lacks the proper amount of oil to sufficiently lubricate it, the lack of lubrication can cause it to fail due to the metal on metal contact on the inner working components. This generates an enormous amount of heat which can cause parts to seize. I would recommend having an expert from YourMechanic come to your home to take a look at your leaking CV joint and repair it.

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Need to replace front left CV axle, do I need to replace the CV boot as well?
ANSWER : Hello, thank you for writing in. The damage done to the unit will dictate what exactly needs to be done. If the entire CV axle on one side or the other needs to be replaced, then the entire shaft is typically replaced at once, including the boots. If you need to replace part of the assembly, the boots are serviceable separately on a need be basis. In that case, you would need to know if you were replacing the inner (closest to the middle of the vehicle) or outer (closer to the tire) boot. Once you have made those determinations, corrective action can be taken. For more help with diagnostics or the repair, contact our service department to schedule an appointment.

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CV boot or full replacement of CV axle ?
ANSWER : This is a common sign of a failing CV joint. A CV (Constant Velocity) joint is a shaft that connects the transmission to the wheels, essentially transferring the power from the drive train directly to the wheels. The CV joint is packed with a special grease and sealed tight with the rubber or plastic boot, that is held in place with two clamps. The most common problem with the CV joints is when the protective boot cracks or gets damaged. Once this happens, the grease comes out and moisture and dirt get in, causing the CV joint to wear faster and eventually fail due to lack of lubrication and corrosion. When the CV joint becomes damaged or worn, you may hear a clicking or popping sound coming from this area. I would recommend having an expert from YourMechanic come to your location to diagnose and inspect your CV joints.

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I have a Mercury mystique 2000 4 cylinder the passenger CV axle has come off by tire was wondering if I have to replace axle or ca
ANSWER : The constant velocity joint and axle shaft should be locked together with a lock ring clip. If the axle came out and your were driving then the axle may have been damaged. You may also have damaged the joint. You may not be able to just stick it in without getting it to lock in place. You may need to replace entire axle.

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CV axle
ANSWER : Hello. There are a few possible issues going on here. First thing is that when you reinstalled the axle, you may have damaged the speed sensor or you may have caused internal transmission damage. Hopefully this did not occur.

I would start with the fluid. When you pull this axle, you are only going to lose a couple of quarts of fluid at the most. If you added too much, then this can occur. You may want to drain the fluid by removing the pan and then refilling it properly. If that does not help, then the axle may have damaged the transmission so it will need to be removed and inspected. If you need to have this done, consider YourMechanic, as a certified technician can come to your home or office to inspect the suspension and shifting issue in order to have this corrected.

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Following collision damage to a vehicle’s front end, which procedures may be used to determine if axle damage exists?
ANSWER : Hello – this task is best handled by a collision repair estimator at a reputable paint and body shop. S/he is trained to evaluate visible and not-so-visible damage, and the costs to repair. Contact a reputable paint and body shop in your area for an estimate and repair.

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CV Axle failure.
ANSWER : Hello there, without knowing which parts the dealer determined to be faulty I can only offer general advice for your 2011 Dodge Ram 1500. The CV shaft, CV boots, and axle assembles are common repair items, any one of these or a combination could be faulty. A qualified Technician from YourMechanic will be able to inspect and replace your CV axles and come to you to perform the repair.

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