Brake light out

The high mount brake light is out.
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Many vehicles typically have 3 brake lights on the rear. One of the left, the right, and a high mounted center light. If all brake lights were out, you may consider a fuse or electrical switch. With one light out, the problem may just be a blown bulb. Have an experienced technician, such as one from YourMechanic, replace the blown out bulb and carry out any repairs needed. It is also a good idea to replace all three bulbs at once to save on labor cost.

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When one of your car`s brake lights goes out, your vehicle`s shift lock override may turn on. Shift lock override is designed to prevent your car from shifting when mechanical dangers are detected. By driving with a broken brake light, you could run the risk of causing serious damage to your car`s transmission system.
Bad Tail Light Bulb

Generally, the brake light and tail light use the same dual filament bulb. So, if one of the filaments in the light bulb breaks, the tail light may stop working while the brake light still works. However, some manufacturers use a separate light bulb for the brake light and tail light.

Bad Switch: One common reason for the Parking Brake light to stay on is a failing or failed switch. This can be checked easily by jiggling the handle after it is down. If the light turns off (or turns off and then back on), the switch is the most likely culprit and will need to be replaced.
Now, press down lightly on the gas pedal. Does the test light illuminate? If so, the fuse is functional, and the problem most likely is a used-up brake light bulb. If, however, the test light illuminates when the connection is only pressed against one side of the fuse, the fuse is faulty.
The stop lamp fuse is in the left kick panel inside the vehicle. It is a 15amp fuse that powers the stop light switch on the brake pedal.
First, check your tail lights by turning on your headlights. If working properly, they will come on simultaneously and glow red. Next, tap your brakes and have your partner verify that the brake light bulb is shining significantly brighter than your normal tail lights.
If the Brake warning light comes on and stays on, it may indicate that your parking brake is still engaged. It could also mean that your brake fluid level is low and needs to be filled. Note: This is a serious warning and should be addressed immediately.
If your car won`t get out of park and your brake lights do not work, then it is most likely a defective brake light switch. The brake light switch energizes an unlock solenoid that allows your shift lever to move out of park. It is for safety, because you HAVE to have your foot on the BRAKE.
Blown Fuse or Broken Fuse Box

If your brake light switch works perfectly fine and yet the brake light doesn`t illuminate, you should check for a blown fuse or a broken fuse box. This is important because both these components affect the brake light circuit.

Locate your vehicle`s fuse box, which is usually under the hood or on the kick panel inside the passenger compartment. Using the fuse diagram on the box`s cover (or in the manual), find the fuse for the brake circuit and make sure it hasn`t been blown. If it has, replace it with a fuse of the same resistance.
If you have a modern car, you`ll have to look for two fuse boxes. Locate your brake light fuse with your car manual. Brake light problems can be caused by a blown fuse. If it`s blown, replace it with a new one.
You can see your brake light switch by looking under the dash, near the top of the brake pedal. The brake light switch is usually attached to a small bracket that holds the switch, activated when the pedal is depressed, in position.
A brake light switch is an electrical switch that turns your brake lights on when you hit the brakes. It`s an integral part of your braking system and lets the driver behind you know that you`re slowing down. It also has a direct influence on your ABS, cruise control system, and more.
The brake fluid level in the system is monitored by a sensor in the brake master cylinder. The sensor will turn on the brake light if the fluid level falls below the minimum threshold since it can signal a brake fluid leak.
If one or more of your brake lights aren`t working properly, it could mean one of three things: The brake light system fuse is blown, the brake light bulbs are burned out or the brake light wiring switch is broken. All these issues are easy to troubleshoot.
If your brake light is out, drivers may not be able to tell and it could cause a collision. It is illegal to drive with a brake light out – so as soon as you`re aware that one of your brake lights is faulty make sure to fit a new bulb straight away.
If you have a broken tail light on your vehicle, the broken tail light law means you can get a ticket from a police officer. A broken tail light is considered a non-moving violation and is a ticketable offense similar to a broken muffler or failing to display proper vehicle registration stickers on your license plate.
Driving with the Brake Warning Light on should not be done as this is dangerous. It means your brakes are not working properly and need to be repaired as soon as possible.

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EPC light on 2004 Jetta. Code said brake switch faulty, but brakes lights worked. Replaced brake switch, now no brake lights.
ANSWER : Hi there. The first thing that pops in my mind beyond of what you have listed is perhaps the electrical harness attached to the brake switch. Perhaps the harness itself is damaged or you have an exposed wire, loose ground wire somewhere. You might want to have a professional mobile mechanic come to your location and complete a brake lights not working inspection to help you diagnose this issue.

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When I put my foot on the brake my back left brake light goes off, when I take it off the brake the brake light comes on
ANSWER : I would suggest trying to disconnect and reconnect the wiring to the rear lights. I have seen these older Toyota vehicles rear lighting short out on the lights themselves due to the way the light circuit was made on the lamp housing. Look at the housing circuit on the light to see if one is touching another, and that could tell you why it is malfunctioning. There could also be a problem with the brake light switch. If you are not comfortable dealing with wires, I recommend getting in touch with a certified mechanic who can look at your brake light issue for you to see what’s going on.

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Brake lights are not working. replaced brake light swtch still no brake lights. the third brake light the connection was melted at
ANSWER : The first thing to do is to repair third brake light and replace the brake light fuse and then see if the third brake lights work and the lower lights start working? If only the 3rd brake light starts working then you may need a further checks on the turn signal flasher or switch could be bad.

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No dash lights, back right tail light is out, no parking lights. Brake lights work though as does head lights.
ANSWER : Hi there. In many cases, when you have electrical problems like you’re describing, it’s caused by multiple electrical component failure. It’s likely that a few electrical relays are not working; especially if you have systems that utilize the same components (such as your brake light and tail lights). I would recommend having a professional mobile mechanic come to your location to complete an electrical problems inspection first, so they can pinpoint what is damaged and recommend the right repairs.

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I replaced the brake light switch. Gear lever unlocked because it had locked. Now the brakes feel hard.
ANSWER : Hi, thanks for writing in. You need to check the brake switch install adjustment. You may have the switch adjusted too tight and it is holding the the brake pedal partly down. This will cause the brake master cylinder to not release the brakes when you let off the pedal. Readjust the switch away from the pedal until you feel some free play again in the pedal. This should fix the problem. If you would like help, consider having an expert automotive technician from YourMechanic come to your home or office to inspect and diagnose this issue for you, and make or suggest any repairs as needed.

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I have no brake lights and third brake light I have checked all fuses and brake pedal switch and the switch is fine and I’m still
ANSWER : Hi there. Well, you’ve listed most of the usual suspects including the brake switch, fuses and tail light assembly. However, one item you might want to also check is the accessory electrical relay. In some cases, the relay that supplies power from the brake switch to the tail light assembly will cause the issues you are describing. I always recommend that home mechanics purchase a service and repair manual for their vehicle to have a schematic accessibly, so it might benefit you to purchase one online to locate this relay or feel free to have one of our mobile mechanic some to your location and complete a brake light inspection, so they can help trace this issue for you.

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Abs light, emergency brake light, steering wheel assist light, engine light, EPC light, traction control light
ANSWER : Hello, thank you for writing in. The vehicle does utilize a lot of the same sensors for these systems. Are there any other codes that are coming up when this code appears? If so you will want to take these into consideration when processing the repair and making a diagnosis. The module may be bad, and replacing it should fix the problem. The lights should turn off once the main computer recognizes the new module and the sensors sync up. If you believe the sensors need to be cleaned you may do so. Do as minimal as possible to make sure you are not damaging the sensor or disrupting the wiring inside. A bad connection would make the lights stay on. With so many lights that are effected by the module being illuminated, the module is likely bad or does not have a connection. Check the connection first and then resort to replacing the unit. For more help with these electrical tests, contact our service department.

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Brake sensor is to sensitive causing brakes to flicker while driving. 2005 Mercury Montego
ANSWER : Hi there – your brake light switch needs a minor adjustment. It is adjusted too "tight" or close to the brake pedal lever, or possibly has failed. Adjusting/replacing it will eliminate this flickering problem. I recommend a brake light isn’t working inspection performed by a mobile, professional mechanic, such as one from YourMechanic, who will come to your location, diagnose this problem, and give you an accurate assessment of damage and cost estimate for repairs.

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